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Not Washing My Face 14 Day Log

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i love doing nothing to my skin, it seems to get better and better each day. i think my skin got used to doing nothing because its not dry or oily anymore. when i first started this regimen, my face would be ultra dry. you have to give this regimen at least a full month, and not give up after 2-3 weeks.

the only problem is when the dead skin gets thick. but when it does, you dont want to irritate it by scraping it off with your fingernails or towel. you have to gently scrape without irritating your skin.

mat, you know when you scraped off your skin after 35 days with your fingernails and flannel? and your face was red for a week? i would say thats irritating your skin. i would stick with the sideburn trimmer and just scrape a little of the mask, and not the whole thing. just brush away the flakes after using the trimmer. im sure the dead skin mask will get less and less each time you do it. but no need to fully scrape the whole mask and irritate your skin. well thats my advice.

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hey guys, i have just started this regime, just wanted to ask a few things:

i play a lot of sport

and about twice a week i play squash, which means i am absoloutley dripping- not a light sweat haha- i mean a proper turns my t shirt a shade darker cos its wet sweat (disgusting i know)

so i was wondering if it would be better to wash this off in the shower, even though it means having to wash my face with water.

cheers- jack

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Its been a week back on the caveman regimen.

I went out to the movies with some friends I haven't seen in several months. Apparently i look like a homeless man, even funnier yet, today my boss told me to get some sleep. I guess my scruffy looking beard just gives people an unpleasant image of me. Doesn't bother me the slightest bit, but I am going to give that electric razor a shot tomorrow.

As far as facial progress goes, my face has many active spots, and some of them have some size... but I'm free. No facial washes, no topicals, no harsh antibiotics. I feel content with my skin even though it has acne on it.

My mindset I'm learning to adopt is as follows "I know I COULD jump back on topicals at any point in time, and have my acne reduced to a few small spots, but then I will more than likely have adult acne. I believe after my skin adapts to this caveman lifestyle, my hormonal acne will pass. I will wait it out, it could take just a few months, or it could take a year or two still, but as I'm leaving my teenage years soon, I am leaving behind acne with it."


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electric razor is hard to use.

Anybody have tips on how to shave with it?

They do suck man lol....the face is fine but the neck OMG what a pain. i gotta use the trimmer for that part. Just move it in swirls i guess. Make sure you shave every other day because when the hair gets longer than that it wont cut lol.

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mat are you back to leaving your face alone for another 35 days? i think im just going to go back to leaving my face alone like you suggested instead of washing/scraping once a week. let me know how its going for you and what your doing.

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Tomorrow will be 2 full weeks without letting water touch my face.

To be honest it was hard to stop thinking about my face, but I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.

Took down the mirror in my room, so I really don't get a good look at my face through most of the day. Couldn't really tell you the progress of my skin because I haven't looked today, but its probably mild, and there are probably flakes.

I'll report back in a week or so.. maybe with a picture.



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Orite random, after the 35 days, I waited 14 days again without touching my face then cut my hair and used filtered water over my hair and face. I am now 9 days in again and to be honest it wouldnt matter if water touched my face now, the face is getting much clearer (red marks fading like mad, skin tone fantastic) every day. ITs now been around 4 months (washed with water around 6 times, realy should be less but things you do sometimes!) I reckon I still need a few more months to get fully repaired skin, but at the moment in time I have no active acne at all. The dryness gets less and less

Hope this helps



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hi there

i have been doing this for a week now,

and i am not kidding i have not broken out at all

only tiny spots-

i find i neeed ti put on some jojoba oil whenever i get a little dry, but only so i can go out looking ok.

My skin feels a lot healthier-

normally it would feel greasy by the end of the day

but not anymore which is great.

My on concren is that my skin seems to be looking really dull and kind of red in places.

Did you guys find this went away after a couple of weeks?


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Ok Tomorrow will be 3 full weeks of no water at all.

Before I post a few pictures let me say a couple things.

All of my other pictures were taken shortly after being off the DKR, which by the way works amazingly well, but I wanted to get off topicals for several different reasons.

So, when you are viewing the status of my face don't be fooled and think "well his face looks worse now than before". Yes my skin was clear before I tried this, but without facial washes, or chemicals or anything or anything of that sort, only mild acne has returned. Enough nonsense, here are the pictures.

Full facial view

Right Side

Close up

Left Side


Well it may be hard to pick out details from these pictures, so I'll throw in some commentary.

I have alot of dead skin on my cheeks and nose, in another week or so I am going to steam my face, and gently rub all of it off. I have tiny non-inflammed pimples on every square inch of my face, however you have to be 1 foot from my face to tell they are there.

Just about everyday I wake up with 4-5 new whiteheads, but they go away after about 2 days. No medium sized pimples or pustules remain on my face, only these small whiteheads.

I have also started the P90X workout program, which is very intense. So I've altered my eating habits. As of now, I eat alot of nuts, meats, eggs, and 2 protien drinks a day to get the necessary protien for my workouts. I'm also eating alot of vegetables and fruits. I haven't had dairy in a while, and I'm limiting my bread intake.

i'll be more than happy to answer any questions..


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i myself have alot of dead skin. im going to just leave it alone and hope it flakes away some day :P

i know the skin under the dead skin was damaged before and needs healing. good luck.

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I'm an idiot.

So after working out this morning, the dead skin on my face looked white and soggy and I thought it was ready to come off. So i took a hot shower, and let the water stream over my face... hoping it would just come right off... It didnt, so when i got out of the shower i took a 2-bladed disposable razer and tried to shave off the dead skin... some of it came off, but not what I was expecting. So i took my hands and rubbed all the dead skin off my cheeks and chin...

My face did not like that one bit. Now My face is covered with little red bumps and it looks very irritated.

sigh. i just hope i didn't knock back my progress too much.

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been there done that

now i just leave the dead skin on and only scrape off the thick parts that are easy to come off, the rest i just leave it there.

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jwebb426 Looking good in the pictures mate. I personaslly think its not a good idea to drink protein drinks, as its better to eat naturally. Also by drinking these drinks it could make an effect on your acne (some of the ingredients)

Another vital key I have learnt is that I have been drinking too much fluids. I was drinking around 3 litres of water and a pint of fruit juice a day, by that your body gets flushed, and not just the toxic elements but the goodness your body needs also. Now from 1st of June I have limited my body to 2 litres of water maximum and a pint of fruit juice (basicly just drink when thirsty) I had 3-4 small spots lingering about for a while and now on my 4 th day of less fluids they are looking much better, almost gone. Wish i knew this SOONER!!

Hope the info helps, as I was at a point in where I got a little depressed, as until recently I had a plan of not using water at all (only every 14 days) and did it for so long, and wasnt getting completely clear (results I wanted) and then had a brainwave about my fluid intake(only reason I have left of acne) Now roll on Sunmmer!!!

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No real progress in the last week or so.

Everyday I get a few new whiteheads that pop up, but they go away quick.

They have been persistently appearing on my chin, so right now I'm trying to pinpoint why that might be.

Other than my chin, my face looks great.

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Probably, your shaving irritates your chin that causes those persistent white heads. I'm not sure though so you should check it out yourself.

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once your face heals i think you need to start cleansing your face again.

i think my forehead healed but it kept breaking out from the dead skin clogging my pores.

your chin is your trouble area ... my forehead is mine.

so i started using sour cream/yogurt on my forehead to cleanse.

just let it sit for about 5-10-15 minutes and then use distilled water to wipe it away with a paper towel instead of a wash cloth.

also, i use some olive oil or emu oil to break up the dead skin some. or to dissolve it.

please be patient and don't give up :)

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I don't know about that Cubed. I think if I cleanse my face I will start seeing larger pimples and pustules again.

But that may just be what I need... Skin isn't in that bad of shape, Take a look and please give some advice... I really don't know what to do next.

Full face

Left side closeup

Right Chin closeup

Right side

A little bit of information here:

I should be on Day 40 of no washing, but i did rinse twice, and I used apple cider vinager 3 times... Which i think was a huge mistake.

Both times after i rinsed my face, I rubbed off the dead skin mask.

As of right now, this will be the 3rd dead skin mask forming, but it is not even close to as much dead skin as the first two had.

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