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1 week down, X weeks to go.....

Hi everyone - I just wanted to hop back on here to let you all know I am just ending my first week on Accutane. Nothing horrible so far, except I did have a headache literally every day (and on and off all day) .... but, how do I know it's not just from the change in the weather/allergies? I guess I don't.

Otherwise, my face just started to get dry and a little "peely/ flaky" today, but I think it got a tad burnt just walking from the car to the mall yesterday and back - so I am not sure if it's peeling because it's dry from the Accutane or peeling becuase it got a little burnt in the sun. (Overall, I guess they're not kidding about the sunblock - geez!)

Anyway, I do have 3 more painful pimples that have come to the surface :redface: - but I don't blame the meds. I am pretty sure they would've come to pay me a visit sooner or later. I am just trying to be as enthusiastic and positive as I can with this whole experience.... but as I am sure you all know, it's not easy. But you know what? Neither have the last 31 years of my life been! :doh:

Until next time, wishing you all the best of luck and welcoming any encourage, advice, or otherwise....



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