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Has this happened to you?

I am 20 years old, female, and i have had acne since i was about 14 years old. I'm not sure if i am the only person in this world that has had this sort of problem but i feel like my acne has influenced the people i have met, what i have accomplished with my life, and where i stand as a person to people ever since i began having acne. When i was younger i had very extreme acne in multiple areas on my face but was worst on the cheeks and forehead and was very obvious. My face was literally consumed with pimples so bad that people had a hard time looking into my eyes when having a conversation with me because it was so distracting. As i have grown older, my acne has never been that bad ever since, but it is still moderate enough to not be ignored. I have been so down ever since iv'e had acne because it has influenced my grades in high school because it was all i could think about in class. I couldn't focus on the teacher because i would be thinking about how embarassing it is to be in public with my face like that and nothing to this day can raise my confidence to do anything. I have trouble in college now for the lack of focus on my education. I do not have too many friends, and of the friends i do have are not people that i can relate to, almost like i have settled for less than i think i could achieve. If i could just get some confidence i could have genuine friends rather than the friends i have now who do not have the same life values as me and they like to do illegal drugs and stupid things that harm their health and that i find completely immature and unlike me in any way. I think that i have lost out in alot of things because of my acne, which seems crazy but i feel that in my heart if my skin was different my life would be. I have also noticed that i have been taken advantage of alot by family, friends, and other people for no apparent reason and all i can think of is that it is my acne becuase i have a strong personality and nothing that a person wouldn't like about me when it comes to that category, and i notice that when i do have my few days that my acne is clear that i have in fact been treated better and sadly have been more respected almost immediately, but when the acne comes back i get shot down again.Acne has caused irreversible damage to my mental health and my life, as dramatic as it sounds and as much as it seems like im blaming everything on my acne, i do feel it is the true, main contributor to my life being this specific way. If anyone has had any similar happenings i would like to hear about it. Thank you.

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Yes. I always wonder if it has more to do with the fact that when i don't feel like crap, i'm a nicer, more sociable person, more pleasant to be around etc.

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