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So out of a gazillion things I tried in the past month (the last being BP for 4 days until I got an allergic reaction) my face has been clear for about a week, maybe 10 days if you count the BP use as well.

It's so..... FREAKING WEIRD! I keep looking at the mirror waiting it to come back. I tentatively touch my face when I feel a strand of hair tickling it, thinking oh shit, here it is again, that's itchy because a spot it rising again. I'm cautiously happy, cuz, what the hell, you don't get clear from 4 days BP use, but I'm CLEAR MAN. Nothing new! I haven't experienced a lull like this in months and then it was a day tops! After the allergic reaction I had insanely dry skin (it's still dry now, though decreasingly so) and almost all my comedones lifted to the surface, and I extracted a good deal of them gently leaving no marks. All I got now are scars, and I can just cover them with mineral make-up.

But my skin is getting back to it's normal state (which is normal, not oily, or dry) and I'm afraid it will go back to sprouting 2-3 spots a day and .... ARGGGGGG I don't want it back. If it comes back I'll probably get depression or something, I can't handle it again. I'm so sick of it, I researched the subject up the wazoo. Should I try to use BP again? But the allergic reaction was pretty ugly to.

Right now even though I'm clear for no reason (WTF) I'm taking Zinc, and brewer yeast (super rich in B vitamins) and eating a shitload of salads. What's funny is, I'd never have considered a holistic diet before, but now that I'm actually clear I feel like I'd do anything to stay like that.

But I'm still paranoid. Each morning I get up from bed, and go straight to the mirror and look for anything on my face. Heck, I'm paranoid that by advertising in this thread that I'm clear, that I'll get it back, because life is all about cruel little surprises like that. :ninja:

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