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Hey guys,

I just wanted some advice. I just purchased the omnilux clear u led device for pimples. Don't know if it works yet. The instructions are confusing: it states that you should use the blue light for 20 minutes.

Does this mean 20 minutes for each cheek? or 20 minutes in all?

Good luck trying to get anyone from the company to respond to inquires.

Thanks for your help. Also, can I also use benzoyl peroxide with it (like 1 day)

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I was looking everywhere for an answer and couldn't find it. I have been reading a lot about different devices (because I want one) and somewhere I don't remember I read about somebody saying it takes 1 hour each treatment so I guess that would be around 20 minutes for each side of your face? that seems like a lot (compare to other devices that you have to use for just 5 minutes) but remember that you are doing this every other day.

Good luck with this device and please let me know how it works for you. I really wanted this but the Price $$$ was way to high. I got a blue light lamp 2 weeks ago it was cheaper so far nothing spectacular but you are supposed to give it at least 6 weeks. the only problem is that it just uses blue light I kind of wanted the red light because I have some scars and inflammation. I'm giving it at least a month if I think is working I would get the Omnilux I like the fact that this is the same brand that most dermatologist use in their office.

Anyway sorry for the long reply! :D Please keep me post it you can pm if you want.

I forgot to mention that yes you can use benzoyl peroxide but its not necessary the blue light is supposed to kill the p.bacteria. but is up to you. there is a good thread about the blue/red light treatment on the (light and laser forum)

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thanks, I figured out that I should be using the blue light for 20 minutes on each section of the face then the red light for 30 minutes on each section alternating every 3 days.

I have seen positive results so far. I haven't had any drawbacks, except my face gets a little red after the treatment. Also the omnilux clear gets a little hot.

I know it can be time consuming, but if it works, I will be very happy. I'll keep everyone posted.

I have adopted this regimen:

sunday night: 2% Paula's Bha

monday night: Omnilux Red

Wednesday night- 10 % benz on whole face

Friday night-Omnilux blue

The other nights I just use a green tea antioxidant and a squalene moisturizer.

I have seen improvements, but I really still want to work on my pores.

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