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I knew of Dan Kerns Regimen since last year and attempted it but didnt use it loyally really, and quit. I now am starting again and hopefully it will solve my issues.

I've have All versions of Acne vulgaris http://www.acne.org/types-of-acne.html

I also get Pustules which are the "big" version of a white head that sometimes can be yellowish at teh surface.

The ones that are big and red and dont pop are cystc and nodules. I mainly get Cysts. I've had it since I was about 16 or so. I have a few scars from them, i've had ones that have gone away and flared up months later. Tacks seem to work to drain them, but I am stopping that. I've used BP here and there so my skin is used to it.

So here goes the regimen! Day one Friday, March 6th

My regimen is this:

Morning and night LOYAL Regimen exactly as Dan does it I.E. Gentle application.

1. Clean Face

2. 1 pump of BP

3. Moisturize

4 (At night) Spot treat with Tea Tree Oil

I know my skin that doesnt have acne has more "glow" after a few uses of the BP. It also seems to draw the puss to the surface, I noticed on a cyst that I thought was completely sealed off, formed a head in 3 spots and poped like a small zit. It was truly a medical breakthrough . . . for me! I also used tea tree oil the night before, but without the BP to prep I dont think I would have had that magnificent moment :surprised:

That about wraps up my intro here. Sneak a peek at my picture to see what my issues are in real view.

I also will start the Regimen for my Back this Friday the 13th!! Muwahhaha

Any comments would be appreciated. Feedback is necessary :dance:



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Hey! It looks like your acne is fairly similar to mine - a few big ones, a few medium ones, a few small ones all over and not much scarring. I'm seeing some results after about 7 weeks, so I hope you do too. Yours should really be even better because you don't have to deal as much with hormonal acne.

My only advice is to be diligent and gentle. I'd give advice to stop picking, but I figure I shouldn't give advice I can't follow. :)

Good luck!

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