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I've been using Proactive for a while now...I do see some nice changes on my whiteheads. I'm getting less acne and pimples. The other day I was cleaning out my cupboards and found a spare tube of Retin-A Micro. Lucky for me it was full, but the expiration date on it is December 08. I'm hoping that won't be too bad, but even if it is, I won't mind investing in another tube. However, I would like to try this product either way, but I'm scared of leaving Proactive as it has worked for me over the past few months. I've always wanted to get into Retin-A Micro or retinoids however because they have antiaging benefits as well. Lucky me I suffer from not only pimples but wrinkles as well, sure hit the genetic lottery there. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

But as I said I don't want to get off of Proactive because I fear what may happen if I stick to only the Retin-A Micro. I would like to try out this Retin-A Micro though, specifically the problems that Proactive has NOT healed on my face are the blackheads and these acne bumps below the skin that won't surface, which from what I heard are RAM's expertise. Would I be able to use both proactive and RAM together you think at least until my Proactive supply runs out or at least until my acne completely dissipates?

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I wouldn't recommend using any expired medications. The expiration dates are there for a reason, and expired products may have different effects than they would normally.

Anyway, I'm moving this thread to the Over-The-Counter Acne Medications forum since you're currently using ProActive. You might get more responses there.

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don't use that expired tube! if you're looking into retin-a micro here's a few precautions:

your skin is going to get reaaally bad before it starts becoming beautiful!

my derma originally put me on retin-a for a month but my IB was so bad that she made me stop.

the first night it was alright going on, but then ALL my skin was peeling and red and turning brown the next few days!

i'm usually a big acid/bp user but during that time all i could use was moisturizing lotions and creams in hopes that my face would not entirely fall off!

so using proactiv + retin-a would be pretty painful, especially because the bp levels in proactiv are so high.

but once you get into using retinoids there's so many success stories out there about no more wrinkles, no acne, glowing skin, etc :)

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