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Accutane & alcohol consumption?

In the summer I'll be turning 15 and I'll be spending most of the summer with my older cousins. They said for sure they want me to drink with them on my birthday at this wicked beach near where I live. I don't actually drink habitually, I only have on a few occasions this past summer but I'll only have like 1 or 2 drinks at the most. I know the risk with drinking while on accutane is liver damage. I've heard that if you're going to drink then wait at least 2 months into your trial so that you're congnisent of your liver function from the blood test results, and that if it is changed the next time to stop/slow down. So when I'm out there, would it be okay if I had a one or a couple drinks? I know to some of the adults on here you might have the impression on me that I'm the same as a lot of teens who party all the time and etc lol but I don't. Just if I'm hanging out with people and I so happen to get offered a drink then I want to know if it's okay for me.

(By then I'll be at least 3 months into my 6 month trial. --> starting on 40mg/day.)

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I've drunk on accutane and been fine, just drinks loads of water and be prepared for a hangover

up to u tho

haha kk thanks.

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