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Shaving against the grain for years + acne issues

Hi guys,

Im new to this whole website and im so glad there is alot of ppl out their going thru the same issues as i do, sori if ive put this topic in the wrong part of the forum.

Basically im 24 and ive hardly ever had any spots during my teen years but for like a year ive been getting spots mainly on my forehead, nothing has changed in my diet etc so im not sure how and why im getting spots now? I use agera products that were recommended to be my the harley medical group

Lately my spots has been getting alot worse, ive started doing microdermabrasion to help with scars and did a agera skin peel the other day too but i dont think any of this stuff is helping as im still getting spots and i seem to think more... also its very itchy aswell so im not sure whats going on.

My question and main concern right now is shaving as ive given up on trying to fight the spots on the acne (whatever i do it just doesnt seem to help)

I use gillette fusion power and sensitive shaving gel. My stubble is very very thick like if i shave down the hair hardly gets cut properly and looks like i havent had a shave so for many years ive been shaving against the grain and its seemed to be fine for my skin but lately ive been getting soo many whiteheads and bumps on my cheeks and neck area and i know shaving against the grain is a big no no but what else can i do in order to get a clean shave look?

After shaving now my skin is sooo red and irrated but i dont no what to do as i cant get a clean shave without going against the grain and ive noticed my cheeks itch like mad for some reason and my forehead too. ( could this be as i use hydrogen peroxide agera spot cream and its made it irritated and and dry)

is there any i can try to help get rid of these bumps and whiteheads and its not making it looks like i have bad acne on my cheeks which was very clear before.

Please help as ive blowing so much money on use all kinds of creams and treatments.

sorry for the essay lol

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