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Mathematically, why can't I use 1/4 of 10% BP?

We know that 2.5% BP is the best concentration to use for your entire face (rather than spot treatment). That being said, why can't I just take 10% BP and dilute it with 3 parts moisturizer and 1 part 10% BP? It would have 2.5% concentration afterward and would be cheap and plentiful. Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have a logical reason why this wouldn't work? It is mathematically sound.

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If you're cutting it with a base that doesn't inhibit absorption, then that would be fine, I think. The tricky part is making sure the base you mix the 10% BP with isn't going to inhibit absorption. Also, most 10% BPs that I have encountered are of the white cream variety, which doesn't always mix very well with other lotions (stays kind of chunky or streaky, causes lotion to break, etc.). There's a lot that goes into formulating a product that doesn't break and is shelf-stable, so I'm not sure you could mix up large batches all at once for those reasons. You'd probably have to make up a batch every day or every few days.

If you can find something that works to dilute the 10% BP, more power to you. I'm just not sure that you'll actually be saving money this way. Dan's 16 oz. BP is $32.03 plus shipping. 4 oz. of 10% BP from a place like Target or Walmart will be around $20, and then you'd have to get 12 oz. of some kind of non-comedogenic lotion/oil/gel to cut it with. When all is said and done, that's probably going to add up to more than the cost of getting Dan's 2.5% BP and isn't likely to be of as good a quality.

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