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What shall i try?

Ive tried various things over the years to clear my acne up but never had alot of success.

I am currently on lymecycline antibiotic and was using BP with the regimen but just cant stick to it stricty and therefore dont stay clear. So this year ive used nothing on my face (just a mild facewash) but kept taking lymecycline once a day as i was a bit worried to come off it.

Here is my condition now.


Think if you click it shows better.

I have a few things that i have been prescribed and not began to use.

I have trimethoprim tablets (of which the reviews seem quite good), isotrex gel (isotretinoin) and the lymecycline tablets im still taking although im not sure if they are really effective.

What shall i do, shall i come off the lymecyline and use the trimethoprim or use the isotrex gel or both? im slightly worried the isotrex gel is gonna bring a load of "dormant" acne out.

What does anyone think?


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I have moderate acne and have tried soooo much. I basically tried and tried again to get rid of it and have recently found a routine that works for me.

In the morning I use the following:

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

2. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturizer

At night I use the following:

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

2. Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion

The only thing that I strongly recommend that you steer clear of is Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub. It made my acne soooo much worse it was unreal. I stuck at it for a good couple of weeks thinking it was just taking time for my skin to get used to it but it got worse and worse. Within two days after I stopped using it I noticed an improvement in my acne!!! My sister uses Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash and she has great skin but then again her acne is really mild.

All in all I would say try whatever you can until something works for you. Don't settle for anything if it's just okay. You can find something that will help - I did! :)

Good luck!

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Id kick all the antibiotics, pills and BP... id more to a hydrating cleanser (like cerave) using it once a day only, then id get Osmotics Triceram or Cream Extreme (the only moisturizer i trust and recommend 100 percent) and use that everyday until the redness goes down.. you will notice your skin will no longer look flakey or dull (which is evident in that pic) and the redness will go down dramatically.. i would then gratuate to their blue copper 5 serum (which i think completely obliterates discoloration of the skin).

I wouldnt recommend any other cleanser, or any other moisturizer.. these name brand cleansers and moisturizer majority of the time all have harsh irritating ingredients in it which you seem to be experiencing.. wish you luck man.


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