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Visualization- the only method that worked for me

Visualization, cleared 100% my acne. This may sound crazy but it works very well. Since I´m not trying to sell anything at least believe my good intentions.

Before you go to sleep, check your face with detail at the mirror. It is important that you can hold in your memory a perfect picture of your face. If you can´t (as I couldn´t), you just memorize a particular part of the face, as left cheek, right cheek, chin etc..

While in bed you close your eyes, and you imagine a few bodies (antibodies) with "Y" shape (because antibodies do really have an "Y" shape) at the surface of that particular part you choosen to heal. Imagine that the antibodie is like an object that will clean your face, and that every time the antibodie dances around a pimple, the pimple becomes less red, than pink, light pink and than at your skin color. You have to imagine the GRADUAL, (this is very important) drying and disappearance of the pimple.

Do that for 10 minutes before to sleep, and be focus when you do it.... don´t go think around other stuff while visualizing.

I think this best works when you heal a particular part of the face each night, so Start TODAY, with your worst part.

This method worked very well for me, so if you don´t see results with a few days, or the method is not gonna work for you, or you doing it wrong. Don´t forget the two most important aspects

1- Imagine the slow and gradual drying of the pimples, in detail...so don´t forget to memorize your face the best you can.

2- Be focus while you doing it.

And yes, this method worked with me on it´s own.... and completly eliminated stubborn acne that i had for years....

This was my last contribution on this forum, and I really hope you use it. Cause otherwise you´re losing a great opportunity for clear your acne...

Good Bye, and Good Luck.

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Hi! I am doing visualization too and I am off antibiotics for the first time in a year! I am still getting a cyst or two a week but they are going away quickly.....I used to have them for weeks on end. The same ones. So this is a huge improvement. My therapist is who suggested this to me. He helped me come up with my own unique visualization. I do it 5-6 times a day and I swear its working....

I have been at my wit's end.

If you believe it can work it will. Its like the mind healing stuff...pretty cool. :)

and Like OP said- it is gradual...I have been doing it for a couple months now so I have seen a consistent change in my cysts. I know its working because I am so obsessed with my face that I know the cycle of a cyst; how long it is there, when it is ready to be drained (GROSS, i know)

anyway...AWESOME. NOTHINg else has worked short of antibiotics and I hate being on those things I feel worn down and get sick more since I've been on them.

Visualization seems like such a long shot. It really is working for me. Weird, right?

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But not sure why a 2 year old thread with no replies was bumped :/

bahaha 2 years? Alyqat must've dug deep for this - oh well positive message =]

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Guest pokemonster

im visualising that im corpse deamon pirate with flawless skin that together with my team of awasomness, which consists of tails (aka mails), happy, itachi uchiha, red xiii and death the kid and other members but u dont have to know them all bcz thats secret information!! are beating shit out of headcrab zombies in pokemon world with candy fields all around. we mainly just use basic tools like crowbar and shurikenz and in rare occasions zanpakutoh, but depending on mood and member abilities we may use other tehniques as well.

but the thing iz i imagine this like every night and pretty detailed? how come it havent happened yet i wonder? what could it be im doing wrong? :think:

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