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^ Aw, thanks :) I bet you're great looking yourself!

Well you do :blush: . And as for me, not really, thanks to acne :angry: :wall: . I'm not 'bad-looking', but my skin scars very easily. There are also one or two red marks that wont seem to disappear. I call 'em names, I insult 'em, and cover 'em with BP and crap; and yet still they wont go away!!! :P

Girls in my school say that I don't look that bad, but the truth is that I have lost soo much confidence when talking to girls face-to-face, due to my acne. I have never been asked out once by a girl since I got acne, and that was when my hormones were starting to go crazy. You know, the teenager stage; (ugh, hormones.....they can hold a party at home but you cant even go out with your friends :P ).

My acne is not bad (its mild to moderate), but I am a dark-skinned male of East Indian descent (from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be precise). And my skin, which gets oily after a while, is a bit dry. Dry, oily skin, which is a bit dark and has scars all over it is not exactly hot. I'm not that bad looking, but I don't consider myself good looking. And when there's so much competition out there, its kinda tough getting a girl :(

Oh, and did I say I live in Canada now? Well yea, I do; and people love my accent (oh yea!!! :cool: trini accent rocks!!! :D ). The girls up here are gorgeous, but i guess so too are the guys, so I don't stand a chance :(

You girls on the other hand look beautiful, even with your acne. : :wub:

And, 'oh-so outrageous', did I tell you, you resemble Vanessa Hudgens sooo much, even your eyes. Hubba, hubba, hubba :wub: , they make me melt :redface: . I still don't get how you can NOT consider yourself beautiful!!!

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^ You are too sweet! And yeah, I've gotten Vanessa Anne Hudgens a lottt. :P I'm not always sure whether that's a good or bad thing! :lol: But thank you! :)

believe me....its a good thing :D :wub:

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a lot of hot girls in this thread O_O

its too bad if they feel that they arent good looking, because they really are. but i feel the same way about myself so i can understand :doh:

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wow I forgot I made this thread and never checked it, a lot of responses. Its funny because you think your the only one going through it until you see that even pretty people can be self conscious


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Guest missyjean130
Well Girls have the advantage. We have make-up.

No one really knows the extent of my acne but me and people who live in my house.. I do not go outside without makeup on. and that mixed with good lighting and a decent angle can create a good picture of someone who looks like they have a flawless face.

Im dying to take pictures of my face without makeup on, but im too self-consious to even try.

You cant judge someone by their avatar picture.. they could be struggling more than you think....

Try setting aside 1 hour everyday just to put make-up on so you can feel comfortable leaving your house. :cry:

Lighting,camera angles,etc are VERY deceiving....some girls know just how to manipulate the lighting to their advantage.I can't even express how much of a difference this makes. On the flip side,some very beautiful women look absolutely horrendous on camera.

And makeup makes a huge friggin' deal too.

I'm just gunna come out and say this,while I don't look ugly,I'm not nearly as good looking as my pictures.

But I still get booty,and really,that's all that counts :cool:

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has anyone else noticed that girls on this website are really attractive? why are they even on here they could be getting themselves NBA or NFL players instead of posting here. i.e. lameness is gorgeous

Lime me?

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haha yeah there are some pics in the gallery of really hot looking girls (Im not a lesbian but...) with practically perfect skin, and I do wonder what they are doing beating themselves up over nothing. please, enjoy your life, whack on a bit of concealer, take care of your skin, and be happy!!! I kind of thought no one would join this site unless they have a pretty serious problem (me, woo), but it seems loads of people are getting themselves down over a few spots which will go away in a year anyway, and I wish they could see how lucky they are and be happy.

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Haha I thought the same thing when I came to this website! I didn't expect there to be so many attractive people on an acne-website... but often even people with bad acne can still be good looking underneath that. There is a guy in my class for example who has extremely bad acne but otherwise he is really cute :)

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