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Tazorac Cream vs Gel

My derm has given me 0.05% taz cream. I'm hesitant to use it because I'm using blue light therapy that I'm happy with results-wise, and I can't do both (can't use anything that makes you light sensitive). My dilemma is the light therapy takes a chunk of time - I'd rather just apply cream at night, but I'm scared off by all the bad side effects posted here about a terrible initial breakout that may linger. I am interested in getting some help with old acne scarring and hyperpigmentation though. I'm at a loss. Any advice appreciated.

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I use the Tazorac 0.1% gel. It is a pretty strong medication that purges your pores of all the oil and bacteria, that's why you get an initial breakout. It also sheds and thins out the top layers of your skin and thats why most people experience some peeling and sensitivity to sunlight. I'm not sure whether the light sensitivity is all light or just natural sunlight, but I would assume it's just sunlight. You should ask your derm about pairing the two together, though, it might be too much for your skin.

The initial breakout from TAz can be pretty intense depending on the severity of your acne, but taking an oral antibiotic and using a topical antibiotic can kill more of the bacteria from the inside and throughout the day and possibly lessen the severity of the initial breakout. I'd ask your derm about a prescription for those treatments also.

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Stay AWAY from light therapy while on Tazorac!!!

You need to combat your acne before you work on the scars otherwise you'll end up with more scars.

The Tazorac makes your skin even darker if you're not properly protected with a high SPF (I use SPF 40).

Be patient and once your acne has subsided, go do the photo therapy.

Good luck!

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