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B5 (pantothenic acid) for severe?

Hello, im at my wits end dealing with this shit already,:( ive tried everything, been on accutane 3 times with no success, havent tried b5 and might as well give it a shot, what is the recommend dosage i should take? has anyone had any success with b5?

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I've been having good luck with B5. The recommended dosage is 10g a day, that's 20 500mg capsules a day!

I personally was having a very hard time taking that many pills a day, I just can't seem to get them down. I have resorted to opening them all up, (10 caps at a time), into approx 4-5 oz of water and adding a heaping teaspoon of orange flavored Metamucil to it, then shaking the crap out of the mixture in a cocktail shaker, (stirring will not work).

The end product is still pretty gritty and gross, but it's only 4 oz, 2 swallows and it's down. Then drink a glass of water immediatelty so the powder doesn't stick in my throat. I do this twice a day.

The Metamucil helps to block the taste and the B5 powder kind of binds to the fiber and mixes into the water better than without. Definately eat something first.

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