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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had a young coconut; what's the flavor like? The meat looks to be a lot more tender and I've heard it's actually more appetizing than the typical mature brown coconuts.

Also, I've looked in an Asian fruit market (it was kind of small though) and asking around but no one seems to know where I'd be able to buy one of them. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada if that helps, there is a Chinatown and it's a pretty big city so I would imagine there is somewhere I can buy one of these, I've just got to figure out where to look :think:, maybe a larger Asian market?

Thanks in advance

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I looked around on Google, and saw that you can find them at some Asian and Mexican markets, and there are some places where you can order them online.

Perfect, thanks. I'll have to check a bigger market then and see, the smaller one I went to claimed that only the mature brown ones are sold around here; I'll have to see about that, hah. I found a couple of places online as well, but all only shipped within the USA unfortunately, if you found one that ships to Canada please let me know.

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My favorite place to buy them is a local Asian market, but even my local Walmart has them.

Wow, pretty surprising, where's your Walmart?

catpower Posted Today, 03:38 AM

what are you guys using young coconut for?

Food :P

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Thanks for the tips guys; took quite a bit of asking around but I finally found one little market that did have them. Just cracked it open and was definitely impressed; the water is delicious and refreshing and the meat is creamy and tender, definitely a nice change from the tough fibrous mature coconut meat. I'll have to go back and see if I can get a whole box :D.

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I prefer to buy these at Asian markets as well. Also, for opening them up, an easy way is to shave off the bottom until you come to the three holes. Poke a hole in one, drain the water, and then crack open the shell (I usually use a hammer to do this, haha). You can also use the classic knife technique, but I always had trouble with that. I'm too much of a girl I think. haha :)

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