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Jojoba oil exfoliation?

Can someone explain to me the jojoba exfoliation method, i have AHA but i dont wanna use it because i used it to early and messed me up on the first month :/. I have Clean and clear exfoliating scrub but i dont wanna mix the regimen with other products that arent DKR branded.

If i do the jojoba ex. method, do i do this before i do the cleanser?

Thanks for your answers

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The long and short of it is that you pour a decent amount of J.O. into your hand and massage your face with it for a while. By gently rubbing in circles, you'll loosen up a whole bunch of flakes, which will clump up in kind of gross little dirt/grime balls on your face when doing this.

You can do the jojoba oil massage before or after cleansing. If you do it before cleansing, then use cleanser when you rinse the jojoba oil off. If you do it after cleansing, you'll be a bit more moisturized that way, since the jojoba oil won't rinse completely off without a cleanser. I used to do it before cleansing or showering, but I've discovered that I prefer showering first, and then doing the jojoba oil exfoliation immediately after, followed by a quick rinse of hot water to get any flake clumps off my face.

You'll have to experiment to see what works best for your skin. There are more details about it in a thread I made a long time ago, linked in my signature.

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