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Tanning to get ready for Vaca and Weddings

Hey all! I have been doing the regimen and have completely cleared my forehead of pimples/ blackheads (used to have lots of clogged pores on my forehead) and have recently been applying BP on my entire face at night. Well anyways here is the deal- I am going on a beach vacation in 1 1/2 months and my best friend is getting married in 3 weeks. I would like to go tanning before these events to have some color/ prevent burning on vacation. I am nervous however because my skin is already dry and I am not sure what tanning will do to it in combination with the BP. I am also nervous that faded scars with appear again when I start tanning. So my other option would be to get a spray tan for the wedding and vacation ( and apply massive amounts of sunscreen while on vacation) but once again since my skin is dry and when I used the products on my face at night I am not sure that the spray tan will last / or if my skin will be blotchy where I am dry. UGH! i am just not sure what the best option is! if anyone has advice i would reaaaaaaaalllly appreciate it! thanks!=)

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Well every time you go tanning starting from the day before, don’t use BP or any acne product..You can resume using them again after you go tanning...then just give yourself another break from acne products for a day when you decide to go again, starting from the day before apply moisturizer twice a day to your face & wash with a gentle cleanser..... Also what I do is that when you go in a tanning bed, for lets say 10 minutes. Tan your whole body for like 6 minutes, and then the remainder of the 4 minutes covers your face with a towel folded twice. Make sure before you go in the tanning bed to be moisturized with some kind of tanning lotion. Don’t use the tanning lotion on your face because it can make you break out. Just use a normal facial moisturizer. You should be fine.... Also I haven’t had any problem with scars reappearing... I don’t recommend going more then twice a week.... & don’t start out at the max time... start slowly & increase a minute each session...Trust me a minute can do alot....Also what i do sometimes is that i will build a base tan.... lets say after 4 sessions. Then i will do a spray tan, like mystic tan....you will look very nice & tan. Just dont do a spray tan if you are pale to start with or it will look orange.... Build your tan then do the spray tan.

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Please don't damage your skin.

The dangers of tanning are no secret but what most people don't realize is that cancer triggers aren't a just a one time shot - cancer development is a multistep process. UV radiation does a number to DNA and just because you don't have cancer now doesn't mean you're not leading to precancerous stages.

Think of a cell whose DNA you've damaged from tanning. Now think of that cell escaping your body's biological repair systems and dividing uncontrollably. That's cancer.

Any coloration from tanning (even without burning) = skin damage.

Please don't do it.

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Invest in some Sally Hansen airbrush sun. You can reapply it every few hours to develop a deep, rich, lovely, natural looking color.

Exfoliate your whole body paying careful attention to the feet, knees, and elbows prior to applying the sun tan spray. I use a baby's hair brush to exfoliate my whole body prior to a spray tan. Wash your hands carefully or wear gloves and then make sure you rub your hands carefully together and get the backs of them with some color or you'll have some strange, streaky hands!

If you keep your whole body moisturized nicely after you've spray tanned, you'll have a longer-lasting color. You can reapply daily once you've reached the color you want. The smell's not bad, either.

The Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun after color spray is lovely, too. It has a shimmer to it that looks so sexy on the freshly colored skin; it might be suitable for your vacation and even the wedding. :)

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