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OK I'm at wits end with my red marks. Literally every square inch of my face is covered with blotches left over from acne. Some are years old. I tried vinegar toner and aloe vera for a very long time and nothing! This is so depressing because many people have had results.

Now I'm trying Deming Intense Gel but I can't see any topical fixing this fucking mess. I have thousands and thousands to spend. I'm embarrassed to the point extreme depression.

Don't tell me time will make them go away because in my case, it doesn't!!

I really need some hope here, I look disgusting.

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I'm using bio-oil and it seems to be working for me. I have pictures of my journey to clear acne in my gallery. I use skinID and it practically vanished my acne, but now I have scars all over my cheeks and it's depressing so I've been using bio-oil with my skinID for about 1.5 months. Not only that, but my skin was very dehydrated from skinID so I also use it as a moisturizer.

I don't suggest it if you have combonation to oily skin because it may cause you to break out.

I don't really know how well it's working for me so go ahead and check my pictures and make your own assuption on how effective it is. Although, I do warn you that if you do purchase it and use it, results may take a while.

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Thanks for the responses,

My marks are not all that different then yours Kimmy, however mine are concentrated on my temples and jawline. Probably the same intensity. So let me know what works for you!

My face is never like flaking off (though around my mouth gets dry), but I've never used anything with vitamin E or anything.

Everyone says red marks go away with time, how come mine don't....

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Yeah everyone tells me red marks go away if I just be patient, but the thiing is they never tell you how long. Lucky people have scars that only lasts for a few weeks. I just started getting scars. I had them before, but they somehow disappeared when I was using one of proactive's whitening lotion. I think it completely vanished my scars, but I had to stop using their products because they only made me break out more causing new scars to form. Now that I'm using bio-oil and skin ID I've noticed a lot of differences. The only problem with bio-oil is how slow it works. I heard a lot of good reviews with Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel, but that's up to you on what you want to do. I say try something out and if it doesn't work go find something else. I use to hate doing this, but let me tell you this. When my aunt told me about skinID I thought it was another phony infomercial with some type of fake miracle worker. I didn't even want to try it because I was extremely tired of putting all this crap onto my face. But I still had a little hope left in me and tried it out. Now I'm extremely grateful that I did because I would have never thought to see my skin so clear and smooth. Besides the scars, I'm happy with the results. So all in all, no matter how fustrating it is go find something out there that works for you.

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