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Hiya :)

I wanted to ask for your help. Ive been on the boards for a little while and got a lot of help, but when you have 20 people telling you to do 20 different things its hard, haha. I also have no luck with the people trained in the skin field, they never help me. I was told by a few board members to tell you my story and ask for help.

Basically i just wanted to know what you thought between two different products, both which you use. green cream and paulas BHA.

I have been reading more and more about the constant dead skin with people and im glad im not alone. Everyday i get out of the shower I have dead flaky skin on my chin. I wipe it off and the next day you cant even tell. Its horrible. Thats one of my main concerns, Other than that, I have blackheads galore in my t-zone, small milia bumps under my eye right where the eye skin meets the face skin. Makes me look like im tired all the time. And of course the lovely inflammatory acne which I get on my chin/jawline and sometimes neck. Not bad though.

I just started using retinol. Im using a different brand level .30 but will switch to green cream after thats all. I talked to kevin and he said that green cream would be perfect for all my problems if i just stick with it. Thats a problem for me.

I also used BHA before, not paulas but another brand with the right ph. I used it night only. Neither of those treatments bother my skin, odd huh? The BHA kept all my skin off however it didnt help my blackheads or acne at all. But I only used it at night and around 3 weeks to a month maybe.

What do you feel is my best option is what im asking?

I thought maybe if I bought paulas BHA gel and used it longer than a month and possibly twice a day, that may do the trick.

My other choice is to stick with green cream and use it every night for the next few months, moving up in strength eventually and hope that it takes care of everything like he said it will.

You use both these (i think), so which route do you think would help my overall problems the best? I prefer one or the other, haha, im very stubborn and hate long routines like paulas 5 steps. the less i do to my face the more it agrees with me. But at this point in time ill do what i need to.

If you could help me it would be the coolest thing ever. Thank you very much.

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If you are willing to pay for Green Cream, I think you'll get more benefits from it overall. Unless you have extremely sensitive skin, you should be able to use GC Level 6, which is a much more effective product than Level 3 ..... and as soon as you're ready for Level 9, I highly recommend it.

The Paula's Choice BHAs are also a great product, and very easy to use with GC. So that's an option you might consider if GC alone doesn't seem to be doing the trick for you.

I also think you need to add some gentle manual exfoliation into the equation. I have found two methods that work well: one is to use a soft facial brush (a baby hairbrush will do), and the other is to use a scrub containing silica microbeads. These beads are perfectly round and smooth and will not scratch your skin or cause microtears. Vivant makes an exfoliating cleanser that I really like and use several times a week. You can find their products at www.betterhealthyskin.com

The important thing with either the brush or the scrub is to be GENTLE. Don't over-use it. A few times a week is enough for most people, although sometimes, if I'm peeling a lot, I'll use it once a day.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.


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Thank youuuuuu so much.

I wont say i can afford green cream haha, but i am willing to pay for it. I only use the retinol at night and a moisturizer during the day. Thats all. So im really just buying the best treatment i can buy and saving money on all the other stuff.

I will stick with green cream now for sure. I only bought the level 3 because I was worried about having red and more flaky skin than what it is. But i havent had any problems at all. I havent noticed a huge difference yet, but thats expected. So i will buy the 6 next.

I will also consider the exfoliating methods you told me about. That would help me out a lot with the dead skin. Which will allow my moisturizer to actually moisturize.

I wanted to tell you, I think you use green cream level 9. Im not sure how much you pay or where you get it, but i buy all my stuff off dermstore and they offer 10% off if you add the product to your favorites section. So you could get GC level 9 for $45 even. Im not sure if i can post stuff like that, so sorry if im not.

Thanks again for your help though and i will keep everyone posted.

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