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*****HYDRAFACIAL***** Hydra Facial****Hydrafacial*****

MY Background:

From all that I have gathered this "HydraFacial" is a new type of treatment. Im guessing that it stems from microdermabrasion. I saw a aesthetician today and got it done because I'm NOT confident that these Doxycycline pills are going to work. I also told her that I have tried everything (reg facial, proactive, otc cleansers, vitamins) and needed to get some results. Im 30 and tierd of breaking out. I cant get laser or other treatments for fear of hyperpimentation.


Soooo, the hydra facial only lasted like 15 minutes. It does not hurt at all! My face felt a little hot when she was done but it cooled off before I left the Dr's office. It was also a little pink but NOT inflammed or red (yes biracial folks can get red...lol). I also went to few stores afterwards without fear that my face was horrid. Im light skinned so believe me Im extra sensitive about redness and blemishes.

Its a couple hours later and my skin feels a little tight and thats it. I guess we will see if this new wave is worth the $125.00 I paid. I hope others post on this treatment because I would luv to compare notes!!!!!!!

Hit me up if you want me to keep posting the results on this treatment. OH YEA "YOU TUBE" HAS NEWS CLIPS OF THE TREATMENT!!!!

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