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Working out in makeup

How many people do it?

I absolutely love EDM makeup. I can’t wear it when I am broken out - it’s simply not enough to cover or camoflauge but on my “good days†which are thankfully getting more and more lately I find the coverage to be awesome and natural looking. I also feel safe wearing in that it won’t make me breakout.

The one thing I wonder about is it safe to wear when you workout and sweat? My skin is finally good enough again where I can start going to the gym, but I would still not want to be seen there (or most anywhere) without any coverage at all due to a lot of leftover red marks that are extremely embarrassing. Because I have very pale skin they are really noticeable. The EDM gives me a light natural coverage. But I wonder if wearing it while I workout is a bad idea.

Anyone have an opinion or experience on this topic?

I also wonder if it's bad to sleep in on that rare occasion that you are having an impromptu sleepover and need a little coverage :)

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I wear EDM to work and as I'm a nurse and I must help turn and reposition some pretty massive people at times, I sweat and get quite a workout. EDM is fine to wear when sweating. I have to reapply as I sweat massively...and it just washes right away. :D If I'm working outdoors in the summer, I won't wear any makeup at all as anything that stands up to my sweating (PROFUSE) just can't be all that good for me. I inherited my Dad's sweat genes, not my mom's. We have to wear headbands or we won't be able to see. I'm not one bit ladylike in my sweating habits and I have to guzzle gatorade like mad to not get faint or dehydrated in the summer (Or at work!)

Perhaps you're not using the intensive type? I find that it works beautifully to even cover up the occasional blemish I get. Apply it wet (on spots) for even better coverage and then dust some dry over the entire face to blend in the edges.

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LOL, I was laughing out loud at your description of sweating. It's not funny but the way you described it was :)

Thanks Wynne. I am going to start wearing it at the gym and see what happens..

I do have the intensive formula of EDM and I've tried to apply it wet but it just didn't look right. It was in the beginning when I was still learning how to use the mu and I applied it wet with a kabuki brush. I probably should have used a foundation brush. what kind of tool do yo use to apply it wet?

I am lucky in that I don't sweat all that much. My problem is OIL. Most things I put on my face sludge right off within an hour. The odd thing is that my skin can be just as equally dry so I'm in a constant struggle to find the right balance that will still make my makeup look natural. EDM does but again only when I'm clear with no bumps or bad redness.

I read thru the old EDM cult posts and got a lot of great tips - one woman even said she thought that sleeping in the silk dust improved her skin texture and tone so she slept in it everynight.

I looked for the silk dust on the EDM website and it looks to be discontinued. Do you know anything about that?

I vote that we start a EDM cult post 2 for all the recent tips, trick, and new products they have out :)

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I use a small flat concealer type brush for applying the foundation wet. A foundation brush would work, too.

Glad the sweat description made you snicker. :D

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Things that have made my teeth a lot whiter:

1) Use SLS Free Toothpaste. (Try to find most natural ingredients as possible)

2) Get plenty of minerals in your diet. (Especially magnesium)

If you are prone to acne, my advice is never ever ever sleep in make up of any kind

does Wash face with Shisheido Pureness Deep Foaming Cleanser clog bores or break outs?? THANKS

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