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Acne Scars- what worked for me

i have been reading about acne scars for the past year and think that this forum is incredible. I will let you know what worked for me. I saw that the top acne scar doctors seem to use a combination of treatment.

The doctors I was thinking about going to was dr. lam ( he is just outside of dallas) dr rapport (new jersey) and dr. anil shah (in chicago). dr. lam , rapport, and shah all use cross tca with 100% acid. dr shah also uses the roll cit (6mm) which only one other doctor that i could find uses andres bustillo in miami. all of these doctors had great before and afters on their websites and their offices seemed nice and informative when i called. all of these doctors will respond directly to your emails which i think is pretty cool and helpful.

i hear of a lot of people on hear rolling their own scars. i don't think that is the same thing. the roller these doctors used is different. once you have had it there is no way you could roll your own face with this thing.

i live in the midwest and decided to go with dr. shah. he was very nice and gave me an acne scar package which was i thought a good deal compared to what other people have said on this boad. he gives 2-3 treatments with cross tca and one treatment of roll cit for $1000 but i am not sure if he is still charging this.

he said despite all of these treatments that my scars will never go away and that they can only be improved. at first i was kinda upset but realized that he was being truthful and honest. he also told me not to get too excited after my treatment b/c there might be swelling.

the cross tca is actually not that bad. the first treatment helped a little but the second treatment (i only required 2) helped out a lot more. the roll-cit is another experience but it didn't really hurt afterwards but i needed a week to recover.

at the end of one year i can honestly say that i am quite pleased. i did not expect the scars to go away but when i put on my makeup it is much smoother and i am glad i did it.

i think everyone out there should research their doctor, the procedures and then let them know what is out there. good luck

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