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Colon Cleanse

Hello everyone,

Long story short, I have had acne since I was 15 years old. I am currently 20 and still suffering from mild to moderate acne. Although I have experienced severe cystic acne in the past. I have bee on accutane three times already and it always does wonder. Clears me completely but unfortunately my acne comes back after a month or so. So I decided that since my acne keeps comming back that my main problem is comming from the inside so I looked into colonix, which is a colon cleanse/ detox program geared for three months.

Has anyone tried colonix or used any other colon cleanse in the past for there acne? The first 4 days I experienced great results, had great vitality, skin looked brighter but after the 5th day I notcied a major decline. From there it went down hill. I noticed that my skin looked more stressed with acne, having them in places where I usually do not breakout. Is this a sign that the toxins are being released? I called the company and they said it is normal because my body is detoxifying. I am so discouraged at the moment. I am on my 25th day and I am still breaking out. I am not sure if I should continue. Although I already started I want to see if anyone had a positive resiults. Everyone keeps telling me that it gets worse before it gets better but I really feel discouraged.

Please post any experiences with colon cleanse, detox, or the use of colonix.

I appreciate it!


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