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Accutane Tips for Males (maybe females?)

25 Male, 160 lbs, been on 30 mg/day for the last month. Acne disappearing, oilness gone (yah!),

but hair/scalp= super dry, face skin dry, lips dry...no other side effects...

Im planning on going to 150mg/kg cumulative....right now my dosage is on the lower end ~ 0.4 mg/kg, but I'm happy right now with whats going on, and I dont think I want to increase my dosage anymore given my improvements and side effects.

So...Id like to share some tips that have worked for me that pretty much got rid of my dry skin/scalp/lips to the point where people can't tell im on accutane....

1) For Dry Scalp/Hair - your hair will get dry...and so will your scalp...to the point where you see flakes in your hair...i know gross...

anyway, I found the best solution was Garnier Fructus Leave - In Conditioner, mixed with 1/2 - 1 tsp of jojoba oil..thank god for girls...that solution works wonders!

2) For Dry Facial Skin..soap wise, if you can find it, Spectro Jel - Derm Soln for extremely sensitive skin...this soap is the most gentle, doesnt sting or turn my face red

After washing, slather on some Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, especially during night...I have no flaking, or stining afterwards...when I wake up in the morning i don't see any flakes..however by mid evening i start to see flakes...which shows how well the moisturizer works! I only wash my face in the evening since the oilness has decreased btw...

3) For Lips:

At night, smear on Aquaphor Healing Ointment, and don't forget the corners...put a liberal slab on the corners because if they crack, they take the LONGEST to heal...actually as soon as I get home and if I'm not going out, I always make sure there's aquaphor on my lips...who cares about the shine when your indoors

In public: Polysporin Dry Lips Lip Care

It looks like chapstick, but it moisturizes VERY well, and leaves NO SHINE/GLOSS so you can go out in public without looking like a girl

4) For Dry Body Skin:

Hemp Body Butter from Body Shop...

if you have anymore questions or tips please post!


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