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Speed up the accutane process!!!

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(the first paragraph is a little backround info, skip this if you just want the tips)

Sooooo I have been on accutane twice now (still on my second treatment). My first 6 month accutane treatment was hell. I hated it. HORRIBLE break outs, dryness, bloody noses, and some depression. After my treatment my face was clear and I was happy. For two maybe three months I was acne free until I started to break out again :cry: I really wanted to avoid accutane again but I had already tried almost everything else. I was so diligent about getting rid my acne I was willing to sacrifice the suffering again. So here I am three months into my second treatment. But this time I am having a lot less trouble with it.

Nine months on the drug total so I guess you can say that I am somewhat savvy with the drug accutane. I researched it and know how it works, what it is, side effects and so on. For all of you out there who are taking accutane, I know how rough it can be. Here are some of the things I do that help me make it seem not as bad.

First things first

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!! I really can't stress that cliche enough. Touching and picking at your face not only irritates your face but it also reminds you that you have the acne and that is the worst thing of all. Also remember that if you do pick, you can risk scarring which isn't good either. So next time you are about to pick at your face, picture yourself without acne; with nice lush, soft skin. I know it might seem stupid but it helps. If you really want to get into this, search the internet for a SWISH pattern. It help talks about various techniques to stop bad habits and picking at your skin is at the top of the list for me.


Try to avoid looking it mirrors. Now this is something that could be tough for some people, especially women with their makeup. Whether you work or go to school, the only times you should look at your face is before school/school and at night if you apply lotion or whatever. For all the ladies out there, we know that makeup can smudge or whatever so you need to check your face more often so it will be more difficult for you.


Reality/entertainment shows and myspace. These two common activities that people do are a leading cause in acne depression. When you watch celebrity tv shows, for some people it makes them want to be like the celeb. And probably the most important thing for a celebrity to have is, you guessed it, clear skin. Then you start to remember that you have acne and your skin will never become nice and all of a sudden you are a pessimist! Stay optimistic and always have hope! I don't use myspace or watch reality or celebrity based shows anyways but I used to, and it was really frustrating to have to look at someone with perfect skin then realize yours is nothing like that.


Letting out your feelings. You shouldn't only do this for you acne, but for everything that goes on in your life. I use this website for my acne and I have a journal to jot down my thoughts every now and then. It isn't good to keep all those thoughts in your body so let it out!


Now this one only has effects on some people. An adequate amount of water through the day. Three to four glasses is around what I do. I avoid sodas and try to minimize my junk food intake. For some people they could eat as much candy and drink as much soda as humanly possible, and not have it effect their skin.

Last but not least

Just don't think about your skin! Easy as that. Almost everybody has a breakout every now and then so don't worry about it! Some days will be harder than others but you just have to keep on keeping on (joe dirt :D )

I'm not saying that these are definitely going to speed up your treatment but I know it help me. I just thought I would post a topic about it because I read a lot of people struggling with their accutane experience and trust me when I say I know how hard it can be. So please if you have any question about this or if you have a tip to speed up the process, write it down. I will be interested in reading about it as well. :D

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great post!

totally agree with the idea that not thinking about it makes time fly faster..

im now at the one month mark, waiting for the 3 month mark where ppl say it really starts to get better :)

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Great post ... I'm just basically still trying to hang in there ... at the three month mark. :doh: And still breaking out, might I add.

Yeah just keep hanging in there man, things will start to look up. =)

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great post!

totally agree with the idea that not thinking about it makes time fly faster..

im now at the one month mark, waiting for the 3 month mark where ppl say it really starts to get better :)

Yeah it's really awesome to look in the mirror and see clear skin! Remember, patience is a virtue =)

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