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So, after about a 3 year battle of acne i'm slowly clearing up, still now where near clear, but I now feel I am to the point where I can go about my plan of making my life better. Ever since I got unsocial and depressed from acne I told myself when it got better I would completely change my life. Well that time is going to come in 3 weeks once I get my license and I can finally live. I'm doing everything from forcing myself to be more social, new and nicer clothes, talking to girls every day no matter what, and other things.

I will try to update this thread again when I start on that very special monday haha. First thing I plan to change is my whole look. I usually just wear some tight, but not super tight, jeans that are pretty faded and old in various colors with faded or linty black or other colored shirts. Along with that I usually wear extremely dirty vans. My hair is also not so great, its medium length, but its long enough to have a mind of its own, so i'm going shorter. (Any ideas for this would be very much appreciated.) I'm planning on not copying the other "cool" stlyes but just buying what i've always wanted to, I just never could since I felt like an ugly kid in nice clothes just wouldn't work.

So Step 1. New "makeover"

Pics in a few weeks, input and support would be great since I am very very serious about this, as I feel it will finally give me the confidence I need to get my life back in order.

Thank you

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Yup. You have to go for it. Enough waiting right? Whatever you think should happen, needs to happen. Be ready for the hard work. Everything worthwhile takes dedication. You have the strength to do it.

Be sure to update it.

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Nice! I'm currently doing the same thing and living my life exactly like I want to. Also have started to give myself a little makeover and have gone shopping for new things I always wanted. I also still have acne, but since it usually is pretty mild nowadays I feel like I can live with it without smashing any more mirrors. I don't know about you, effyouitssummer, but I felt a huge relief and a gush of inner calmness when I started to do everything I wanted instead of waiting and doing everything what others wanted me to do. I'm still far from happy, but at least I'm going in the right direction.

keep us updated and good luck effyouitssummer! :):thumbsup:

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Quick update:

I don't remember how long ago I posted this, but I'm still working towards my goal. About 2 weeks away from hopefully the start of this whole process. Unfortunately, I have hit a major set back with some girl problems, and being very very depressed lately. I am working to overcome it and hopefully get back on track.

I'll try to update this one more time before I do that HUGE one day "makeover" haha.

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