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PERSONAL EXPERIMENT - the big switch

This will be my log of what happens when I switch from drugstore products to Dan's products.

First my stats:

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Skin: Combination

Acne: Ever since high school, enough to be annoying.


My hypothesis/intention:

Which of Dan's products are better, which worse? Derms have told me it takes 6 weeks for the skin to turn over and to really tell if a product is working. I will switch out each product one by one (waiting 6 weeks in between) to see which drugstore products are better; which of Dan's are better, and feedback here.


Next a little history:

1997-2000 - ProActiv worked for 1.5-2 years and then stopped working. They even bumped me up to the next higher %bp


2000-2007 New face washes, new regimens worked for awhile and then STOP working. I’m afraid my skin starts tolerating something and then adapts.


December 2007- start the regimen. Notice improvement. Whenever I started breaking out again it was because my skin was clear, so I stopped using the regimen. I’d use the regimen again and it would clear up in a week or two.


Spring/ Summer 2008 - switch to Bare Minerals makeup. See lots of improvement in zits, though makeup tends to run/cake up in heat


Fall 2008 - Started noticing my skin tolerating the products.

Then in the fall of 2008, the regimen stopped working. I did it religiously. Still doesn't work like it used to. I hadn't changed anything.

Here's what I originally used:


· Wash with Purpose pump face wash. Entire face-washing and rinsing takes approx 1 min.

· Apply Lac-Hydrin 5 (gently) pretty much right away and spot-apply a LITTLE Neutrogena 2.5% to problem areas. I cannot wear a full layer of 2.5% because it feels like a thick, cakey mask and it bleaches my clothes. I have only EVER done the full regimen at night and that always worked FINE for me. Let absorb approx 5 min. If I try full BP twice a day it dries me out even more than my current flakiness.

· Bare Minerals Makeup (when I originally switched to this it made a huge positive difference). Now that we’re heading into winter, my skin is INCREDIBLY dry and the makeup clings to it and looks really bad, however I HAVE to cover the red marks and zits. Not doing this is not an option for me. On a day like today though, I applied extra moisturizer and now my cheeks actually feel greasy.


· Wash with Aveeno skin brightening scrub (when I’ve omitted this in the past, it’s made me break out. I think this is because the Neutrogena wash does NOT effectively remove all the makeup. Not removing the makeup = breakouts. Not wearing the makeup is not an option

· Apply Neutrogena 2.5% -- tons of it. Rub in for approx 5 minutes. Very gently.

· If my skin is too dry, I’ve applied Lac-Hydrin 5 instead of BP because BP even with moisturizer (when skin is really dry) ends up being too dry to put makeup on in the morning.


· Danne Acu Gel (Petrolatum, Cinnamon Oil, Chloroxylenol) – spot treat, works WONDERS


· Danne Micro Peel (when I’ve omitted this again has made me break out in the past)

· Extractions with dermatological extraction tool on nose, side of nose, chin, forehead (usual break-out places) – skipping this again seems to make me break out. There is tons of gunk in the pores


· Synthroid

· Occasional Multivitamin


December 22 2008

Switch out Neutrogena BP for Dan's BP.

Skin clears up amazingly.

Almost no zits. The ones I do get are teeny tiny and disappear right away.

Do I even want to mess with this?


February 2009 (beginning of the month)

Continue Dan's BP.

Add Dan's moisturizer. Stop using lac-hydrin 5.

Sometimes have to add a little jojoba oil.

Breakouts come back.

Skin seems greasy on cheeks often.

Makeup doesn't stay on as well; minerals need blending midday

Not sure I can make it 6 weeks with this.

May give up a week early.

Huge boil near chin. Hadn't had any of the big honkers in the last trial.

Skin not as dry in general.

Places I put jojoba not necessarily the ones that are breaking out.

wondering if lac-hydrin's exfoliating properties are what I need.

Will adding AHA help bring me back into balance?

How often should I add AHA? (that's the next step!)


March 5 2009

It's only been 4 weeks, but I'm thinking I may need to add the AHA.

Breakouts are bad.

Currently have one huge boil-type one and a couple smaller one

and tons and tons under the skin.

Skin feels unbalanced. Greasy on cheeks, dry and flakey in other places.

I'm hoping AHA will fix that.

What do you think???? Should I not wait the full 6 weeks?

Class reunion coming up super soon... really would like to be clear for that!


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I added alpha hydroxy that night.

Except for one huge honker, skin has shown fairly dramatic improvement.

I get a few very tiny ones under the skin, so it's not perfect, but it's much better. Certainly tolerable. This seems to confirm why skin was so clear using lac-hydrin during the day and bp at night. apparently i really need an alpha hydroxy. it may have actually been a little clearer then, which is understandable because i was using both bp and ah every single day.

Current regimine:


· Wash with Purpose pump face wash. Entire face-washing and rinsing takes approx 1 min.

· Apply Dan's moisturizer

· Bare Minerals Makeup


· Wash with Aveeno skin brightening scrub combined with Purpose pump face wash.

· Alternate nights ... Applying either Dan's BP or Dan's AH. Rub in for approx 3-5 minutes. Very gently.

Stopped using for the last few weeks:

· Danne Acu Gel for spot treatment'

· Danne Micro Peel (when I’ve omitted this again has made me break out in the past)

· Extractions with dermatological extraction tool on nose


· Synthroid

trying to decide whether to amp up the bp or ah or just stay where i am.

will probably think about using new makeup next.

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Jane Iredale makes great mineral makeup in way more shades than BM. Personally I find the coverage better and they also have a heavy coverage concealer than is all natural and great.

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just to update. skin seems to be pretty good!!!

dan's products waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BETTER than drugstore brands

morning: dan's wash.

summer: dan's moisturizer + a little aha

winter: lac hydrin 5 moisturizer

add small amount of bp in problem areas

makeup: smoky mountain minerals. AWESOME stuff

evening: dan's wash

treatment - tons

lac hydrin if i'm really really dry; otherwise just use bp.


occasionally will get a blemish week after my "cycle" but that's it.

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