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KL Merciless

Question about becoming Veteran Member?

I've completed my 60 posts and I have been here since December 10th.. I heard that you can change your name when you have been here for more than thirty days, but I don't see the option on my Menu. When can I become a Vet?


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Due to recent spamming and trolling of The Lounge forum, the moderating team has decided on new requirements for Veteran Members (effective Mar. 30, 2007).

You must satisfy BOTH of these to become a Veteran Member and have access to The Lounge:

- 30 days membership

- 60 posts

Thank you,

Acne.org Moderating Team

Edited to add: You will not become a Veteran Member immediately upon satisfying these criteria, but within 24 hours. This is because the board software does member promotion automatically once a day. Please wait at least 24 hours after satisfying the 60 post + 30 day membership requirements before asking why you aren't a Veteran Member yet.- cool as kim deal

edited 9-13-08 to add new lounge access requirements. -Brandy

Please see bolded part above.

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What's a veteran member?

A veteran member is a member that's been here for at least thirty days and has made at least sixty posts. They are able to change their usernames and have access to The Lounge, which is an off-topic forum.

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