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Manuka Honey or Oil cream without Tea Tree Oil

Does anyone know where I can find one?

All of them seem to include Tea Tree Oil but after all those studies on Tea Tree and estrogen I dont want to go near Tea Tree...

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What are you doing with it? Leaving it on or using it for something else? Can you just use the Manuka honey from the jar?

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i'm looking for a natural moisturizer/acne prevention cream basically.

i usually use BP but i'd rather use something that doesn't damage the skin in the long run....

i've done accutane so if i break out occassionally, its small and mild, so something less intense for me is needed i think.

theres a bunch of creams out there with manuka honey or oil in them but they also include tea tree.

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hi - i found meadowlake farm lemon balm echinacea in a yahoo search before i stumbled onto this board...i have have not tried this brand, nor have i been able to find reviews, but no tea tree is listed. it does contain lavender, though. some people who avoid tea tree also avoid lavender. their toner doesn't contain tea tree or lavender...maybe that's an option.

tonight, i'm going to try putting raw honey on my breakouts - i figure $7 for a 16 oz jar of honey beats $30 for 2 oz of something i don't anything about. i'm using Y.S. brand of raw honey, which is in a solid form.

good luck!

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