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Didn't know what topic to put this post under, but here it is...

Ok, so yesterday I felt a pimple coming on and It's on my forehead and it felt really deep. I currently am 100% clear and all of a sudden this thing pops up. As the day goes on I can feel the pressure getting stronger and stronger. I applied BP to it last night and AHA+ cream (and didn't try popping it) then when I woke up this morning the whole area around the pimple is SWOLLEN. The pimple itself doesn't feel that big, it just feels deep. I feel a lot of pressure around it too, so i tried to pop it this morning but nothing really came out. A little puss but not much. Now there's just a red dot in the middle of my forehead with swelling all around it...

What do I do with this damn thing?? And what kind of pimple is this?? I don't even wanna go anywhere because I feel like it's a third eye staring at everybody!




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I removed your duplicate post.

You can try the tips in the last link in my signature. Not guaranteed but they may help shrink the size of the lesion and make it less painful and red. No more picking!

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what type of pimple is it though? can you tell??

Why don't you try some egg white/lemon as a spot treatment; hydrocortisone cream for redness.
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I don't know what it is, exactly (I can't even always identify my own), but if it feels deep, I know what you're talking about. Ice it, hit it with some tea tree oil, and if you're secure enough in your masculinity, dab a bit of coverup on it.

Hydrocortizone will be at the drug store with the anti-itch stuff.

Egg white/lemon is some egg whites mixed with some lemon juice.

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