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So now, I'm battling acne marks ughh... It never ends...

I am very happy with acne.org and myself for ridding myself of my used-to-be moderate acne. I have found many remedies thanks to Dan and every member / moderator on this website! I LOVE ACNE.ORG!!!!

Anyways, I find myself looking for makeups to cover up and natural remedies to get rid of marks, and I was thinking of ordering Vicco with Turmeric and Sandalwood Oil off of Ebay, or Himani / Emami Gold Turmeric Cream w/24K Gold for skin-50gm from...


Has anyone tried either? Heard of either? I did try the turmeric mask last nite, but I'm pretty sure my hubby won't want to see me like that all the time if he doesn't have to. Especially if he wants to have fun late night... Anyway TMI, I know, that's just my reasoning.

If you haven't tried that stuff, I would like to know what helped your marks. I have 2 weeks to at least minimize by like 30-50% if at all possible, and I want to be at least 80-90% clear by mid-July (my b-day!). I can't remember being totally clear on any b-day after 12yo, and at least my pimples are going away, so I can see light at the end of the tunnel. THANKS TO ALL AGAIN!

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I think it's unrealistic to expect those red marks to fade by 30-50% in two weeks. It takes time. Are you a fast healer? You could give that product a go, or read the sticky at the top of the forum. Great suggestions there. Some of my marks took well over a year to completely fade. Be patient!

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