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I am starting this blog to track my progress while taking Accutane. I will be posting photos of my progress here in this blog. I failed my 2 initial pregnancy tests, and the blood test needed before I can start the med. I had to sign all the iPledge consent forms and sign up for my account online. After I received my first prescription on Monday, I had to log on to answer numerous questions; mostly about birth control, since this drug causes sever birth defects. I am filling my prescription today and will start taking it tonight. I have decided to take my pills at night, since the medication works better when taken with fatty foods. Since I don't have time to make bacon and eggs every morning, I thought it would be best to take the pills with dinner.

I got all my lotions, creams and ointments yesterday as well. I am using the following products that were recommended by my dermatologist:

Face Wash: Johnson & Johnson Purpose

Face Moisturizer: Johnson & Johnson Purpose with SPF 15

Body Cream: Aveno Relief Cream

Lip Ointment: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

I'm not sure if I will need to switch shampoos or body washes yet. I have heard some horror stories about hair loss from people taking Accutane. Also it can cause a really dry scalp, so I will probably have to switch at one point. I already use Dove body wash for sensitive skin with moisturizers, so I think that should work fine.

I have decided to take showers at night so all the smelly fragrance free lotions and stuff I put on don't bother me during the day; plus that will save me some time in the morning. Hopefully I don't have to apply it all more than once a day, but we'll see how bad it gets. Well I am off to pick up my first prescription. I'll post my before photos tonight.

Good luck! Keep updating!

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