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A call to be pure, to be so clean

Its been a while since Ive graced the presence of acne.org, jk im not concieted, but hey ive lived and learned a lot since then, so come join me and maybe we can all learn something about ourselves and the world we live in.

First off Im now 19, and ive struggled with acne for about 5+ years, and i can honestly say, I LOVE ACNE, I LOVE IT, please GOD please give me more, cover me with leoprosy. JK

Im sick and tired of being sick and tired, acne isn't just a few bumps, its a lifestyle, its a mindset that we are supposed to accept and be content with, well im here to tell you fuck being mediocre. FUCK IT FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCKME FUCKYOU. (sorry mods but it must be said)

Yes yes, i am here as a MARXIST (Karl Marx) to punch you in the face, and say jump out of your false-conciousness :naughty: , are you honestly happy with how life churned out? :shifty: are you going to become another victim to the confines of your own imagination??? :think:

When we are not in harmony with our own body, we create resistence with the outer world, yes physical and emotional pain, we are responsible for our reality, so take back control, FULL CONTROL.

Like Pink FLoyd's SHEEP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZFrobmC7fs

What do you get for pretending the dangers not real??????

You'll end up like me, a kid who lost his passion for life, for really LOVING LIFE :wall:

Well its not the end, its the begginging, right now RIGHT NOW decide to be a spectacle for the world to see, bounce right back like Magic.

If you wanna piss and moan the rest of your life disregard everything i have said to you, but if you want to become a Legend, if you want to become a Hero, then do 5 simple things.

1. Learn about Nutrition

2. Learn about Excercising

3. Water water water and more water

4. And come along with me on my path to Redemption(hold my hand)

5. Listen to these songs immediately

(Words of Hope)


This is our FREEDOM our RIGHT, this is our FREEDOM our RIGHT

And if you believe im down with the truth, then come along with me and my REDMPTION, feel free to comment\send me a message\ or argue w\e

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you mean since you've graced acne.org with your presence :) i don't get what you're sayinggg... that we should live healthily and it will be like a magic button has been pushed, for our skin? well yeah maybe for some people. others of us are here for a reason....

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