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Is it normal or accutane is doing no good here?

Hey guys I am a sufferer of cystic acne. well i don't have them all over my face just have like 1-2 big cysts esp on my jawlines and upper part of cheeks at a time. They often develop from a clogged blackheads or whiteheads which lie deep down under the skin. I'm already 2 months into my accutane course but right now I'm still broken out with 2 cysts, one of which is small and the other is big and red but not very painful. I am wondering why they still can get too inflamed like that. I'm very dry right now and i suppose the oil production is much decreased so why, why can these black/whiteheads get that much inflamed when they want to get out? Does this mean that accutane is not working? Pls give me some advice cos i'm right now on the verge of depression and i think i've spent too much money on Accutane for nothing at all.

Besides that i've been noticing that whenever i'm broken out even only with 1 big cyst my entire face becomes very bad, the complexion is horrible and the red marks seem darker. Has anyone experienced this? 3 days ago i was still enjoying my very good conplexion but now I'm a sucker sad.gif

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It sounds as if your Accutane is working...it normally takes 4-6 mos for the full effect. If you only have two cysts and one of them is quite small, it seems like you are gaining on them. Please do not dispair or give up, but allow your Accutane regimen to take its full course.

Also too, if the cysts are really bothering you especially the large one, why not talk to your derm and see if you can't have them injected?

All the best,

Joe Zit

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Well my derm takes off until 11th March, that's why i can't get a shot. In addition to that, I'm kind of scared of her and these shots cos I got one really big nasty cyst about 3 weeks ago( u can see it from my previous post in my profile) and I went to her for a shot, u know what, she lanced it and squeezed it to get all the stuff out. Well I wasn't against it but after the shot ( thankfully I don't get any dent at that place of my face where the cyst was) it left a dark patch behind which seems like never disappear.

So I'm like I don't know. Maybe I'll hide myself for several days and be applying an antibiotic ointment to help soften the cyst and hopefully it will open itself and drain on its own. In the opposite case surely i will go get a shot.

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