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anyone ever tried a 20% SA

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becareful with those it can burn u. but i tried it and it burned like hell and it tooks like a week of peeling.

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20% salicylic acid is the same strength as wart remover compounds to give you an idea of how strong that is.

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yeah its meant to be used as a peel, left on only momentarily. theres also a glycolic acid one at 35%... sounds scary, but the reviews on there said they all worked well when used properly, yet it didnt say how they reallly used them, or if they had any acne lesions present or otherwise that they were trying to get rid of... i found this stuff when looking at mama lotion ingredients, and i know they arent the same obviosuly, but this stuff is much cheaper... any thoughts anyone?

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I WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING THAT STRONG. You should always be very careful with your face. I agree with the other poster, SA peels are better for PIH, plus if you want to do something like that, go to a professional. You could end up burning your face. Remember, its an acid. Go to a derm and have a consult and have it done there.

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ok ok, perhaps a 20% is too strong, i found a 5% on "cosmeticville" anyone have luck with that?

or basically just anything above the normal 2%?

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