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Ok so I have noticed that when I pop a pimple on my body that it stays red and it still looks irritated in the area after like 2-3 weeks even though there is nothing left in the pimple. How do I get rid of these because they are very annoying. thanks

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Well that's just one of the reasons they say not to pop ur pimples, but everyone knows you cant just *not pop* lol. To fade red marks from acne you should spot treat with Dan's AHA+ and the red marks leave much faster.

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Try not to be so brutal when you pop your pimples. If you use like 2 pieces of tissue paper to GENTLY yet firmly squeeze the core out you should be fine, and try not to use finger nails as much as possible.

I went against his philosophy just recently on a big bitch that wouldnt go away. Now its like twice as red and still hurts. If I didnt try to hulk strength the core out I probably would have been fine.

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^^ I defently have done the hulk think on some zits that were huge and didn't go away and guess what?! THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE SUPER RED STILL!!! AAHHHHH that is sooo agravating because there is just like 3 of them that are like that but they are huuuggeee. >: (

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