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please help


I am 30 years old and have been suffering from acne since I was 10. I have it on my upper body and face - probably at a medium level of severity. Recently, I had a pimple on my right cheek near my nose. I shouldn't have, but I popped it and something went very wrong.

it started to bleed some and I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol. After that, the area expanded some to maybe a 1/4 of an inch in diameter and was bright red and continued to bleed. The problem is that this was more than a week and a half ago and it hasn't changed, if anything its gotten worse.

It doesn't bleed anymore but it also doesnt seem to want to heal. Meanwhile, I've been trying not to use any products on my face, as they seem to infuriate the area. I tried using neosporin, but it has not seemed to help.

Meanwhile, the rest of my body and face continue to break out. I've got pores that resemble craters, and overall I feel terribly depressed and more and more angry that I can never be "normal".

Complicating matters, is that I work at a school where my physical appearance is front and center all day long.

any help you can provide: strategies, products, whatever....

I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you.

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Hey there

Sounds like it might be infected. I'd suggest going to a doctor in the first instance as you might need antibiotics. They might be able to suggest other treatments to help with the rest of the acne. I'd avoid using rubbing alcohol on your face as it's severely dehydrating and will just irritate your skin.

Good luck!

ps. You are as normal as anyone else in this world!

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Without pictures I can't be sure, but it sounds to me like a cyst. These aren't uncommon and sometimes stay the same for weeks, even months. They can be painful and large. There's really, really uncool.

Again, I'm not certain that's what you've got, but if it is, I've had lot of luck with hot compresses, tea tree oil and witch hazel. If you've got a health food store around (Whole Foods will do, something smaller and more local would be better, IME), get a small bottle of Desert Essence 100% Tea Tree Oil (probably 8-10 bucks for an ounce), and if you can find it, Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel. Other witch hazels will do, especially other Thayers varieties, but the smell of witch hazel is POTENT and I find the cucumber formulation to be much more pleasant than any of the others.

After washing your face, run hot-as-you-can-stand water on a washcloth and hold it to the area until the washcloth goes cool. Repeat this a few times until your pores feel loose and open. Dip a q-tip in tea tree oil and apply to blemish. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, reapply if you feel the need, and then apply a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel to the spot for a few minutes. You should start to see improvement pretty quickly.

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