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clarifying foundation?

so i know neutrogena's skin clearing makeup is a big NO now.

but what about almay's clarifying foundation, or clinique's clarifying foundation?

i'm mostly considering clinique, since i'm currently using their superfit foundation.

it's not available at my local clinique counter...and not recommended for my skin type (even though i have acne - weird, right?)...and the coverage is supposted to be sheer or light or something.

so what do you guys think if you've tried it?

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Hey. I have used Clinique's clarifying foundation, it has salicylic acid in it. But I found it too drying and it looked cakey on me although I have oily skin. But I also use Clean and Clear moisturizer with salicylic acid in it, so that maybe the reason. Anyway currently I am using the superfit foundation as well. Also Clinique doesnt really have a good color selection but you could try it I guess.

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I have used both the Almay and Clinique that you have mentioned and for me , the Clinique definitely won! While the ALmay looks great when you put it on (not heavy at all) usually by mid day it has worn off and has become very oily even though its supposedly oil free. So the red marks seem to show through (even with concealer). While some may think the Clinique is too heavy, it lasts all day long and minimizes pores. SOme people might get the cakey issue because they are applyin too much. The key is to use a really good concealer then a very small amount of foundation on your skin. You can always reapply more if need be.

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