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How do you get rid of papules (pimple without a white head?)

I have suffered with acne for years. My acne has been pretty much gone since starting using Daniel Kern's cleansers two years ago. I eat healthy for the most part and drink water. For no apparent reason, every year I break out under my chin line and neck with big red papules (pimples with no white head) and it takes weeks if not months for them to disappear. I find it much easier to have a pimple with a white head, that you squeeze out the pus and then in a few days it dries up and disappears. With papules, there is nothing to squeeze and they are there for weeks and weeks. It is so embarrassing to barely have acne now and then the next day have the bottom of my face covered with big red pumps. I don't know if it is caused by stress or my addiction to sugar but every year, it comes out of the blue.

I am just wondering if anyone had any home remedies that worked for papules. I have heard the toothpaste idea (putting toothpaste on a white head for 20 minutes) etc but I am hoping for something specific to papules. I am desperate for any ideas since this is excruciatingly embarrassing, as I feel that people are looking at my papules and not me.

Thank you, Thank you for anyone who responds to this


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Please follow last link in signature. The tips may help. No guarantee, but they may help. :)

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How big are they? Because if they're big like 5mm or more across, then they're probably cysts or nodules rather that papules, especially if they're sticking around for a long time.

If they're smaller, and really are papules, my preferred treatment is a SA or glycolic treatment, like Green Cream. These sorts of treatments increase your skin cell turnover-- chemical exfoliation. The more quickly your skin cell regenerate, the faster those things will clear up off of your skin.

If it's actually a cyst or nodule, I've had luck with hot compresses, tea tree oil and witch hazel, in that order.

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