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I've finally come to the conclusion

that everyone has different skin. Someone can wash their face once a day with no cleanser and touch their face all the time, while the other breaks out because of it. I bet I take care of my skin better than all my close friends combined but yet I still am the target for acne. It's hard to believe that though, that my skin is really that sensitive towards acne and that I'm producing more sebum more than any of them. It's like, it's not fair and you don't want to believe it. You want to believe that maybe you're doing something wrong when in fact, you're keeping your skin clean better than all of them. We're all just looking for that one compliment "oh you've cleared up" to actually have hope. And then when you break out again people stop. I say, screw the compliments, and when you think you're skin is beautiful, that's when it finally matters.

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You're probably right. Everything depends on how we are perceived; the desire to be accepted by the crowd. Why even bother asking "Am I good looking"? Everyone has a different opinion.

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*Sniff* I used to be one of those people...I swear, I thought that a breakout was the 2 pimples I would get before my period. I would fall asleep with makeup on and not KNOW that I was gonna regret it the next morning. I thought that facial soaps were expensive and was content to just rub really hard with a washcloth after the gym. God, if I only knew it wouldn't last...I would have taken more photographic evidence of that beautiful period of my life, because I don't think its gonna come back until I'm playing bingo in the community center.

And I guess the most infuriating thing about thinking that acne is controllable is when ppl who have no idea what acne is "give advice". Such as "wash your face two times daily and drink plenty of water." You can just feel the haughty judgement. The only thing I can think of saying is "ohhh...'cause when I say 'I've tried everything, I really meant that I tried everything that wasn't related to hygenoc practices or basic health"

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