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can i get away with this and not get caught?

so my derm agreed to let me go on accutane back in january. he explained i'd have to be on birth control for exactly 30 days leading up to my first accutane pill.

i scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist (took forever to get one...setback) to have a check up and get Yaz bc. it iced the day of my appointment and it was cancelled (another setback).

my gyno told me i couldn't start my birth control until the first day of my next period (another setback). i felt like that day would NEVER come and it finally did a few days ago. so now i'm 5 days into my bc pills and i really don't want to wait another 25 days before i can start accutane.

***so i'm thinking i might make my "i've been on bc for 30 days, now prescribe me accutane!" appointment with my derm even though that'd be a lie and i was wondering if there's anyway he'd be able to tell that i haven't been on it that long by my blood work?

does anyone know exactly what they check in your blood?

i know it's a pregnancy test and they check your liver enzymes, but is there anything else they note the levels of?***

i know this sounds unethical and goes against ipledge (which i'm going to follow once i start accutane), but it's been four years of topicals and antibiotics with no success. i feel like i finally have a solution that just keeps getting pushed further and further away from me.

i've spent my entire college career hiding from everyone. refusing to date or make friends. first semester freshman year was when it started and i'd really like to be clear by graduation in early may.

so i'll take any advice, please!

and also...girls who are being put on bc...if you're 21 or sexually active, you definitely should get the full exam from your gyno because i've also been to a breast cancer center and breast surgeon since my gyno found a lump in my breast...which they still don't know what it is. and now i have to get a biopsy from tissue on my cervix because my pap smear came back irregular. i know it sucks being felt up and spread apart by a stranger, but better safe than sorry. i think??

but in spite of all of that, i'm starting to think all doctors are just thieves who will diagnose any "irregularity" or "inconsistency" just to get you to repeatedly come back and waste your money to fill up their hummer's gas tanks. i got very vague responses BOTH times i had to go to TWO different doctors for my breast lump. it wasn't me who made the appointments, either. it was my gyno who thought i needed to go to the breast cancer center and get an ultrasound. and then a week after that appointment when i was told it was "probably benign", my gyno called AGAIN wanting me to see a breast surgeon, who probably couldn't even tell you if i HAD boobs or not by the time i got out of there cause he didn't do ANYTHING. both times the doctors had me in their office for less than 5 minutes, both of whom wanted me to come back to their clinics 6 months from now for a follow up. A FOLLOW UP FOR $OMETHING THEY CAN'T EVEN TELL ME WHAT IT I$.

i was embarrassed walking through the breast clinics, knowing it's almost biologically impossible for me to have breast cancer at 21, with all these old ladies starring at me wondering what the hell i was doing in a place that housed their REAL health problems.

this could also be the reason my derm has switched my medicine every single time i've gone to see him (literally dozens upon dozens of medications), telling me "we might have to switch it up a few times, but we will find something that works" like it was a line he rehearsed daily in the mirror. he began to write up a new prescription for yet another topical and antibiotic, when i interrupted and asked to be put on accutane--he had no objections--yet never once before suggested i go on a drug that would limit his paycheck once i finished my course.

so anyone who is wanting accutane, but afraid your doctor won't suggest it--ask for it!! my derm is robotic and unconcerned. he barely asks me any questions about my skin and always has some new medicine to prescribe with only 1 refill option in a year (meaning i had to have appointments VERY OFTEN), when 4 years ago he would let me refill it 3 times in a year. the economy is messed up right now and i think even people we are supposed to trust with our HEALTH are using their selfish desires to remain affluent against anyone with less knowledge and power than them.

i've just wasted a lot of money on a ton of products and i hate being treated more like a business transaction than a person with emotions and an OBVIOUS skin problem that hasn't responded to ANYTHING. i'm about ready to shove my foot up my derm's ass for feeding my depression by way of personal profit gain and only offering me the minimum in medications all these years...very aware that none were working. i just wish i had asked for accutane sooner.

and no, he hadn't suggested accutane because he is concerned about my health and the side effects. as soon as i asked for it, he asked if i was sure, i said "yes" and he buzzed the nurse. then he asked if i had heard about accutane "from friends" in a tone that implied he wanted to keep what i've heard people call a "miracle drug" a secret. i told him "yes, from friends." and he just starred at me. no words, no nothing. no, "oh you know about all the side effects and i'm worried they could really take a toll on you...blah blah blah." he just starred at me like, 'shit, there goes my vacation in hawaii with yet another accutane cure.' which is quite ironic considering i've had to wait months to get an appointment with him numerous times before because he was, in fact, on vacation!

after typing all that, i really don't feel so bad about lying anymore. but can i get away with it?

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there is no way for them to know if you are on the pill by testing your blood... thats not what they are checking for. it depends where you live. i live in the US and once you start ipledge, you have to have your gyno sign some paperwork stating that you are on the pill (some more set backs i know!) and you have to wait 30 days once you are signed up for ipledge and get 2 negative pregnancy tests before you can take accutane. the whole thing is a huge hassel!! but it is worth the results so hang in there.

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