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Could your shower water be contributing to rosecea?

Now that i thought about it, the times i didnt use a shower filter were the worst times when i started noticing acne, red, dry, flaking, dull and irritated dry skin. Could this be one of the reasons why we suffer from skin disorders? i think it has a roll, all the harsh minerals, rusts, chlorine, you name it, it could be the stuff in the tap water causing you problems!!!

Id like to share with you a few links i stumbled upon, maybe itll help you to decide which water filter is best:



(side note: i would avoid water from the sink to wash your face with or showering with a dirty looking showerhead that has rust and chlorine deposits on it)

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I have a shower filter at school and my skin is usually great there! But now that I'm home I'm breaking out a lot more. Could be one of the factors I think.

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i think its all about how much moisture is retained in your skin....you ever notice when you go to the beach and take a shower the soap feels like its never going to wash off? But your skin also feels fairly moisturized and not dry or tight, (or less dry and tight if you dont have naturally dry skin)? Its because they put water softener in it to counteract all the hard minerals from the ocean water. So yea i think whatever water source you use to take showers can definitely be a variable in how your skin functions.

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