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Tetracycline and stopping BP

So... I have been on Tetracycline for about 5 days now... So far, LITTLE improvement, but I am not sure that isn't just because I completely burned my skin off using a ton of Clean and clear BP. I have decided, as of today, that I am going to try my hardest to stop using the topical bp. It is basically ruining my skin. I am 27 and my skin is dry and flaky, and I have wrinkles that I should not have at this age. I have been caking the BP on every single night for the last 5 years!!!! I took accutane about 6 years ago, and my skin has just started to break out again these last few months.


So... basically, I am going to keep track of how the tetra works and also how it goes not using any topicals.

I will just be taking the tetra (500 mg) once daily, Yasmin and Zinc (50 mg I think) once daily.

On my skin I will be washing with Skinceuticals twice daily, and at night using a Clarisonic facial brush. So...it will be really hard for me not to use the bp, but I have to stop. It is worse to have extrememely dry skin and acne...

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I was on tetracycline for a little over a year (I took it twice a day until the last few months, then i switched to once a day). I went on tetracycline after trying a lot of different combination of topical medications with my derm (i've used differin, and something else that smelled really bad, I can't remember what it was called now, I currently use tazorac gel and benzaclin, i also used these two while on tetracycline) and seeing few results.

I did not see much improvement with tetracycline for a really long time, i think it took at least two visits to my derm(which were every 6 weeks while i was on tetracycline) to start seeing some results. It eventually got a lot better, but it took a really long time, and it was never perfect, I still always had a few pimples.

I have been off of it since about october (my doctor had been lowering my dose to try to get me off the meds, but I actually stopped it a bit early because I started to get yeast infections), and since then my acne has gotten steadily worse. I don't think my face is as bad as it was before, but it is getting there. Also my back has broken out horribly (it was never this bad before tetracycline) and i have started to break out on my neck which has never happened before.

Overall tetracycline did help me, but it took time, and for me it wasn't a permanent solution.

My doctor just put me on cephalexin, which i take twice a day (i've had it for less then a week). I don't see any improvement yet(i don't expect to in such a short amount of time), but i'm hoping that it will help me a little. If it doesn't help I think I will go on accutane, my derm brought it up at my last visit and said I could start it if I wanted to, but I am scared to go on accutane because of all the side effects.

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