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my journy off bp

i have been a long time lurker. Well over the last 2-3 years i have been using 5% bp and boy do i regret it, it worked good for me and it cleared me up pretty good, but i could always tell my face wasn't right. It would always be red, bad texture, and dry, all around crappy.

So i stopped using bp and just washing my face with water at night a week from today and my face broke out crazy, worse then i ever had but i'm going to stick it out because i dont want to be using this for the rest of my life. But today it looks like my face is starting to calm down. Now i'm just going to use a gentle face wash twice a day

i'm going to use clean and clear oil free deep action cream cleanser, ya or na for cleanser(I have been using it with my bp)

i will give an update a week from today

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Good luck.

Best thing i ever did was get rid of the Chemicals. Acne is now practically non-existant.

Hope if works for you.

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Exact thing happened to me too. While I was on BP, it cleared me up really good and also took away red marks. But my face was always red and itchy when I woke up and it was just really annoying. That redness and itchyness would just be there everyday, although it would eventually go away. So I stopped that and also broke out, but I don't want to rely on BP anymore. Sure it cleared me, but the side effects were just too much. This was like last year though by the way.

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well it seems my acne isn't getting any better, still breaking out in some spots.

What would be causing this, could the cleanser be bad?

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Hi Packer!

I empathise with you, and agree that you should give chemicals a rest. From my own experience, the natural route is the best way to go. I suffered from severe acne - blackheads/whiteheads, nodual cystic lesions - the works. The following is what works for me:

- lots, lots of water!!!

- organic green tea (3-5 cups/day) - Bigelow is a great brand

- fruits and vegetables (lots)

- be careful about dairy and soya products (may have to eliminate from your diet)

- omega 3 (salmon, fish oils)

- zinc picolinate (50-100mg; NO more than 100mg since can suppress immune system)

- Generally, eat whole foods, avoid processed stuff (I eat nothing from a can)

- when use salt, make sure it is sea salt (w/o iodide)

-exercise (helps to normalise hormones and detox via sweat)

-at least 7 hr of sleep

- WASH face with organic, cold pressed olive oil (if have spots, add a drop or two of fresh lemons); use a hot compress until cool and ripe face

- TONE with tea tree oil (dituted with distilled water and/or an oil, ie jojoba)

- MOISTURISE with drop of 100% vitamin E and drop of jojoba oil (may or may not add a AHA source, eg small drop of Lemon juice); if have a alot of spots, may want to visit healthfood store for mulberry extract

- SUNSCREEN - Zinc Oxide mixed with shea butter (organic, crude) and aloe vrea and/or jojoba oil

Hope this helps somewhat.

PS: Ypu may breakout inititially, but just b/c you are detoxing the skin

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