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Body moisturizer for face

I just bought a moisturizer today called Replenix CF Antioxidant body lotion.

I bought it because its got a lot of antioxidants and is reasonably priced. but its a body lotion and im going to use it on my face. Is this crazy? my mom thinks im literally nuts, she keeps yelling at me telling me i cant do that its called body lotion for a reason. I dont understand why. I told her a lotion is a lotion. all it is, is a mixture of thickeners and emollients. the only difference i can think of is that body lotions might be formulated a bit thicker.

I looked at the ingredients for the one i bought and ive seen all the ingredients in facial moisturizers around the same concentrations. I just want to make sure im not crazy here, my mom really makes me feel dumb.

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I would be wary of using a body moisturiser on my face. If you really want to try it, I would suggest only using it on one patch (like lower half of left cheek, for example) for about a week to see if you have any adverse reactions or breakouts.

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No, you're not crazy. Many people have done it before, me included. What you gotta remember is that the body acne lotions are meant for a skin that is slightly thicker and less fragile than the skin on your face. So, use with caution and in small amounts body acne products on your face.

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