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Edward Cullen

Doxycycline for about 3 months?

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Ok, im on Doxy (100 mg) for about 4 weeks now, and today i asked my doc how long i can still take it - her answer was: You should use it another 2 months! I was like WTF?? Doxy does a pretty good job and my acne definitely cleared up a little, bit isnt 3 months too dangerous for the human body? I mean we are talking about antibiotics. Im afraid that the doctor doesnt even care what could happen to my organism. I asked her about the danger of taking it so long and she said that as long as my blood levels are OK, i should continue and dont worry about Doxy, because it is safe to use! Are those docs playing with us? I know i could stop taking it by myself, but im afraid my acne will get as bad as it was before i started with doxy - I was pretty bad :(

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3 months isn't too long. I have been on for over a year. While I don't recommend staying on an antibiotic for years upon years, 3 months could be just what you need to clear up.

Whenever you do stop, gradually lower your dosage. Stopping cold turkey can cause huge breakouts.

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I was on Doxy for 3 weeks and had horrible reactions. My blood work was all fine but I got recurring yeast infections, fungal infections a rash on my back, severe pain with orgasm, stomach pain, and hemmorids. A colonoscopy revealed intestinal ulcers and inflammation all caused by the Doxy. It also killed the good bacteria in my stomach (even though I was taking a probiotic the whole time) so even after I went off the Doxy I continued to get sick on and off with strep throat, bronchitis, and the flu for like 8 months until I was able to build back up the good intestinal flora in my body and restore my body's ability to fight infection.

Bottom line, everyone reacts different to meds. I was not one of the lucky ones, Doxy was a complete nightmare for me.

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