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I agree in the sense that it is very difficult to find this one vitamin. Ive been to alot of places in my area, walmart, different pharmacies, none of them had it. Then one day right when i was on my last couple of grams, I was shopping at this one small local supermarket, they didnt have anything in their vitmains section, but surprisingly enough, they had them in the organic section.

This was a huge relief for me because not only did i get my resupply (wasnt willing to go downtown to buy another bottle), but now I know that there is a place in my area that sells good quality B5 capsules too, and I dont have to go scrambling looking for a place everytime i run out.

Whats great is not only are they not tablets (capsules, faster absorbing), but they were also organic, same price as Swiss which is kind of a cheap brand, and there was 5 more grams in the bottle.

I've also noticed a bit of a difference, from the different qualities I have ingested. The capsules are defenitly working alot better than the tablets did. I am only on 1.5 weeks, and ever since i started taking the b5 capsules, my skin just brightened up (I am assuming the quality is much more better).I am also getting very very few new pimples, and there is also no more pus in them either. Just small little lesions.

It is made by a company called Organika and they are actually a Canadian company.


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Hey there.

These guys website, absolutely TERRIBLE! But they provide a bloody fantastic product, and good prices too. This batch they have now, the pills are somewhere between 900 and 1000mg of Pantothenic Acid, so they added in 50 pills per bottle, so we actually end up getting more as a bit of a bonus. (So just be aware, you getting more than you paid for, but you aren't taking 1G pills, your taking close to that though)

Ugh I love these guys lol, found them on ebay, thats the only way i'd trust them with a site like that. Fan-tast-ic!


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