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apple cider vinegar & orange peel mask

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hi guys, im new but wanted to share something that seems to work. My mom is full of home remedies from the middle east, I grew up with HORRIBLE acne (since I was 10, I'm 20 now) on my face and back, and never listened to her before, my bad, cuz as sson as i started using the ACV she told me about AND using ground up orange peel (it's ground really fine, and i mix it with a small amount of honey and water to make a thin paste) as a mask, my face comepletely cleared of zits in under one week!! i was so amazed i cried, and i'm a guy!! ive got faded reddish/pinkish makrs left on my face but i barely notice them and the mask and vinegar (75% ACV + 25% cold water, I just sub it in for soap when i wash my face) is making them less visible by the day!

My back (especially the area around my shoulders) was pretty horrible too, but for the last week i've started using the mask and a spray bottle vith ACV on it twice a day and it's already cleared completely of zits! a tonne of marks left but i'm hoping it will subside in the coming weeks. Hope this helps, lemme know. :)

My Regimen is very simple and seems to be working very well for me

Morning: when I wake up, (i'm an early riser, I run every morning from 4am to 7am :D ) I wash my face with ACV and cold water, the smell fades fast and the water is soothing. when i come home, i just lightly rinse my body, and put the orange peel+honey paste on my face and back as a mask/peel and leave it on for 20 minutes, then i shower. In the shower i use neutrogena body wash, which helps keep zits down. DO NOT RUB the towel, just pat dry and wear loose clothing afterwards

make sure to wash your face with the ACV about 2-3 times a day, whenever you get the chance. You can use the orange peel as many times as you'd like, i only use it 3 times a week.

Evening: Shower before bed,feel free to use orange peel, and ACV face wash

I sleep feeling clean and wake up refreshed, just make sure you're washing your bedding a few times a week, it really seems to help.

Give it a try if you'd like, i'd love some feedback:D

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no, i tried all of that, the only thing that ever helped was neutrogena oil free face wash and body wash, but this was cheaper:) and with faster results as far as i can tell, ill keep posting as i see changes and would love feedback:D hang in there!

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orange peel as in the fruit orange you eat and just use the peel and ground it? what do you use to grind the orange peel? and what kind of honey do you use or recommend? also for the vinegar as a face wash. do you mix it then use a cotton ball or something and wipe your face? or do you just pour ACV and water in a sink and just splash your face? thanks!

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I use the outside orange peel, not the inside one surrounding the actual fruit, u have to let it dry for a day or two and then grind it in a small grinder/blender till its powdery, and im not sure what honey makes a difference, cuz i just buy regualr honey from the store. The reason i started using honey was cuz i knew it had antibacterial properties and it helped the powder stay on my face. Dont use too much though; the layer of honey should be light enough for the powder to penetrate it and get to the skin.

As for the vinegar, I hear both Apple cider and rice wine (i dont use this one) are good, i started by diluting 50/50 vinegar and water for my face in case it was harsh (it wasnt, but im still diluting for my face and using it staright from the bottle from my back). I just apply it using a cotton ball then leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse it with cool water and pat dry.

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