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DOES it really matter what you eat on B-5? READ!!!!!

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Im on the protien diet cause Its my workout plan, which includes cheese, meat, and most of the food I eat has fat, cause obviously in this diet, you exclude carbs, not fat. Anyway, Will the B-5 still work for me while on this diet? PLEASE someone respond! smile.gif

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Well, I am pretty sure the general consensus among the medical community is that there is absolutely no connection between diet and acne, so you probably have nothing to worry about.

However, the basic theory behind the Pantothenic Acid (B-5) approach to acne is that acne is caused by an excess, or rather, your body's inability to metabolize the excess, of fats.

So. If in fact this is the case, then yes, eating fatty foods would aggravate your acne. Taking the B-5, though, would counteract this. So the answer is yes, taking B-5 will still work for you. However, it might A.) Be less effective, and therefore you might want to increase the dosage or B.) Have no effect on the treatment.

If the B-5 does not work at all even after increasing the dosage, it is most likely that it would have never worked, and it doesn't matter what you eat.

Yeah...that's all for now.

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